About  AndroidPimp

AndroidPimp is a shopping recommendation Blog covering Technology reviews of consumer electronics products as well as Android Phones from high-quality suppliers. Articles are written in English intended for everyone regardless of nationality.

What Can you find in AndroidPimp:

  1. Best Consumer Electronics Products.
  2. Reliable Suppliers.
  3. Product Tech Reviews.
  4. Cool Android Products and Gadgets.
  5. Android Phones.


About Me

My name is Tsahi Arnon, a Practical Mechanical engineer by profession. My knowledge and experience includes products design and testing all kinds types of products.In AndroidPimp Blog I present, test and recommend high-quality products from companies and suppliers. If you have any suggestions and special requests for special products of interest, I’d love to hear about it.


TOP Skills

  • Tracking  People, Companies and Cool Technologies worldwide (Special Skill).
  • Product Design.
  •  Product Promotion.
  • Fast Problem Solving.
  • Marketing & Branding.
  • Business Networking.
  • Testing Products: Software / Hardware.


Fair Notice

Most of the publications presented in blogs are sponsored publications. In all of my product reviews, you will find links to the advertising company. I always try to recommend high-quality products checked by me and considered to give an adequate financial return compared to other identical products.


My Promise

  • Not to review or recommend low-quality products.
  • That the Suppliers listed on my website are reliable and trustful.


Thank You