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ORICO Q1 Power Bank Review

Product Introduction The ORICO Q1 Power bank is a new mini portable High Capacity 10400 mAh power bank device capable of charging devices fast thanks to QC2.0 technology, developed by Qualcomm company. According to information provided by ORICO Product was tested with known brand phone and should more than enough for everyday …

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ORICO DCA-4U USB Wall Charger Review

DCA 4U Charger Review

Product Introduction The DCA-4U is a 4-port USB Wall Charger, capable charging a combination of 4 USB devices simultaneously. Its fast charging technology enables each port to detect and deliver ideal current up to 2.4A. The charger is handy for home use, including traveling and it connects easily to wall power …

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Anonsuo Saturn Bluetooth Speaker Review

Anonsuo Speaker Review

Product Introduction Anonsuo Saturnus Bluetooth speaker home-style boutique speaker with both stylish appearance and sound quality. To break the traditional appearance design,looks rounded cute, colorful and eye-catching 3D surround sound. Internal cavity through a special acoustic design, making Saturnus speakers form 3D surround sound. Connection range of up to 33 feet …

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