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Add On Boards &  Modules for development boards

Raspberry Pi Power Switch Expension Module

52PI Raspberry Pi Power Switch

Product Introduction As everyone at some point recognize that the Raspberry Pi downside is the fact that it’s missing any kind of a power button. The only way to power the Raspberry board off is by unplugging it from the power supply. What can sometimes corrupt data stored on the SD card …

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Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 7 Port Self Powered USB Hub

Raspberry Pi USB Charging HUB

Product Summery 52Pi is a Raspberry Pi kit supplier, specialize in designing of modules and special expansion cards for the Pi board Series. Their New USB Power Supply Hub Expansion Card product that is an All in one hardware solution for existing Raspberry Pi boards. With it the user can add four USB Hosts …

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NanoHat PCM5102A Audio Expansion Board Module

FriendlyARM NanoHat Audio Expansion Board

Product Introduction The NanoHat PCM5102A is an Audio Expansion board module designed by FriendlyARM Company, compatible with the NanoPi NEO Air / NanoPi NEO Development boards. It’s connected to the NEO Boards through the header pin interfaces. And comes with a IPCM5102A Audio Chip, Two RCA Stereo Audio Interfaces, on-board …

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