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Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review | Wireless Speaker The Latest Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Xiaomi Square Box 2

Product Summery  Xiaomi square box 2 Bluetooth speaker offers advanced specifications. With a higher watt compared to previous models with a maximum power of 5W and Bluetooth version 4.2 compatibility. It’s very compact and lightweight, measuring 154.5 x 60 x 25.5 mm and weighting only 239 g. In terms of …

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Anonsuo Saturn Bluetooth Speaker Review

Product Introduction Anonsuo Saturnus Bluetooth speaker home-style boutique speaker with both stylish appearance and sound quality. To break the traditional appearance design,looks rounded cute, colorful and eye-catching 3D surround sound. Internal cavity through a special acoustic design, making Saturnus speakers form 3D surround sound. Connection range of up to 33 feet …

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