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Android Endoscope | Portable USB Endoscope Camera System

Android Endoscope System

Product Introduction The Android Endoscope Inspection system from TinyDeal is a wire USB type portable unit that can be easily used with P.C and Android smartphones. An Endoscope system is a simple deigned system, composed of a flexible wired connected to a camera, magnifying lens and a built-in LED light …

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AXGIO KlicK Universal Smart Button Plug for Mobile Phone

Product  review will be focusing on the followings : General Product info & Specifications. Package. Unpacking. Product Photos. Items in package. User Interface (UI). Operation & User Experience. Conclusions.   Brand : AXGIO klicK smart button. Can be used as a dustproof plug. Super easy and simple to use. Suitable …

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Portable Mobile Phone Holder

Product Introduction In this short tutorial I will show you a cheap solution for mounting mobile phone on a tripod. This holder/mounting unit was purchased from Tinydeal.com store. It’s a very useful solution for making YouTube videos, especially Unboxing videos where object distance is very short, but again it works …

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Mini Portable USB Power Power Bank Tester

Main Features No extra power supply needed. deal Tool for testing : Power Adapters , Power Banks. High quality, small sized, easy and convenient to carry. Suitable for factories, laboratories and personal use. Measures current and voltage of power supply equipment with USB port Product Uses : phone, any electronic …

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