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NZB Finder Engine For Usenet Service

Having a Usenet Account at Giganews and actively searching for a decent NZB search engine service I came across NZB Finder website. At first look website didn’t look attractive or appealing, but like i always say : “Don’t Judge Service by its Cover”. Service has nice features worth checking and showing .That being said, NZB Find team were kind to provide me their high level Elite plan.

Main Features:

  • Over 4 years of NZBs indexed
  • You can browse by group
  • Private Usenet search site
  • Open to new registrations
  • Free and VIP access options


Plan Types:  

  • Free  – Limited to 10 API calls and 3 NZB downloads per day
  • VIP – 5000 API calls and 5000 NZB Downloads per day
  • Premium – 10.000 API calls and 10.000 NZB Downloads per day
  • Elite – UNLIMITED API calls and UNLIMITED NZB Downloads per day and access to Spotweb!



Paid Plans ( per year )

There are three main plans. VIP, Premium and Elite.Main difference between plans is the Spotweb search engine (crawler) access that’s mainly used by Dutch Usenet users. There you can find mixed content in English and Dutch language. As for API access feature, Elite plan isn’t limited by API hits (Unlimited).

Spotweb Engine is smart and very user friendly, you can search and filter results based on categories, content type, time of indexing and more. According to company their crawler indexes Usenet every 60 seconds, which is great for finding the latest updated content.



For Additional info visit : https://www.nzbfinder.ws/


Upper Navigation Toolbar


Searching for Videos

Under main screen you find all needed necessary tools for searching NZB files, browsing to a specific Usenet group, SpotWeb Crawler access, Organizing and exporting content via RSS Feeds. Service even supports API functions, giving website developers necessary tools to integrate, categorize and customize search results.



SpotWeb Crawler –  Searching  For Content is Dutch & English


Categorizing and Filtering Search Results

In addition to file search results and standard information such as: Genre, Sender, file Age, size, date and time. There are additional visual filtering tools that also help. For example, all files are categorized by color codes according to specific file type group with labels, what makes it easy downloading NZB files.


Final Words

Nice service, has high potential and works well. NZB files are constantly added all the time 24/7, I personally think Usenet users will defiantly like using it.


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