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Elephone C8 Review: Featuring Awesome Four RGB Cameras

Elephone C8 mid-range phone will feature a 5.7-inch screen with 18:9 display aspect ratio. it’s expected to have four cameras system. It means both of its front and rear cameras will be equipped with dual-cameras. C8’s four cameras use equal color resolution sensor (RGB+RGB), superimpose the light and color together and shoot bright and real photos.

What’s more, the rear camera will have the bokeh effect function that lets the user focus on shooting an object while blurring the background it can make the photos more expressive. Bokeh effect is a feature that other smartphones can also provide, but Elephone intends to make it better while we have spent nearly five months on communicating, planning, testing, optimizing and improving.

Apparently, Elephone C8’s four cameras will be different from the ordinary dual cameras. Powered by ArcSoft software, a leader in imaging intelligence technology. Based on ArcSoft company expertise the pictures produced by the cameras should look more vivid with better color saturation considering we are talking on a mid-range device.


Elephone C8

Elephone C8 Review


Note: This post will be updated with more detailed information and news as they become available! 

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