SOOCOO G1 Sports Action Camera Review

G1 action sports camera review
G1 Action Sports Camera Review

SOOCOO G1 Sports Action Camera Review & Features.

Product Introduction

The SOOCOO G1 Sports Action Camera is a compact multipurpose camera suitable for sports and everyday activities. The G1 size is slightly larger than a small coin, making the product super portable and lightweight to carry in a small pocket.

The Camera can be easily controlled remotely using a mobile device via a client App or manually via a mini 2.4G remote control unit. It can be attached to almost any surface, Including metallic ones, Making the product suitable for a wide selection of applications. You can use it as a Surveillance, Selfie camera, Sports activities, Family trips, home activities, Car DVR, etc.

Camera design is durable with an external protective layer made from silicon rubber material Making it waterproof and also shock resistant. As for hardware specifications, the device powered by built-in internal 1100 mAh battery that is charged through a micro USB port via provided charging cable.

In the optics and video arena, the device is equipped with an 8MP sensor with a lens viewing angle of 125 degrees, capable of recording video at 720P and a max resolution of 1080P at 1920×1080 30 fps. Files can be saved on a Micro SD Card that can store up to 32GB of data, More and enough everyday video and stills photography usage.

SOOCOO G1 Product | Introduction Video

The G1 Sports Camera Review will be focusing on the followings:

  1. Product Introduction.
  2. Product Features & Specifications.
  3. Package.
  4. unboxing.
  5. Items included in the package.
  6. Design & Quality.
  7. Operation & Performance.
  8. Camera Operation Demo Video.
  9. Final Words.

Main Highlights:

  • Model: SOOCOO G1
  • Shock-proof and IP66 waterproof.
  • Sensor: 8 Megapixels with Electronic Image Stabilization.
  • Rotation Angle: Easy to adjust the angle.
  • 145 Degree Wide View Angle Lens.
  • 1080P 30 fps (Full HD) recording Support.
  • Description: Portable smart 1080P HD adhesive mini WiFi camera.
  • sticks on almost every surface to capture and download the photos.
  • Can be used as a sports camera / Car DVR / IP surveillance camera
  • Control Options: Remote controller (Optional) or (Mobile device via APP).
  • Back Magnet:  easy to fix and use anywhere.
  • 32GB TF Card Slot.
  • Built-in 1000mAh Battery: Supporting USB charging.
  • Lightweight, Portable: Small size, easy to carry.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Support for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / iPad Pro / iPad / iOS 5.0 or above and Android 4.0 or above.
  • Multi Shooting Modes: Real-time taking photos, time-lapse, video, slow motion, etc.


SOOCOO G1 Sports Action Camera | Full View



G1 Sports Camera Package

The G1 Camera came in a well designed transparent plastic package inside a carton sleeve (external envelope) with camera photo on it.


Items included in the package

  • 1x G1 Sports Camera.
  • 1x User Guide.
  • 1x 3V Lithium Battery (for Remote Control Unit).
  • 1x 2.4G Remote Control.
  • USB Data/Charging Cable.


Unboxing Video

Design & Quality

The G1 Camera Design is modern and very compact in size. The product comes in various colours such as light blue, pale violet red, beige/white etc.. According to customer personal taste. On the camera housing, there’s a thin rubberized protective coating that basically protects the camera from scratches, partially water protection and impact if it falls.

Looking at the backside, we have the mounting part connected with a small hinge to the camera main body. On one side has a magnet for attaching the unit to metal surfaces (excluding Non-ferrous metal surfaces) and on the other side, you have a sticker for attaching the camera to none metallic surfaces.

SOOCOO G1 Sports Camera Mounting Examples (Using magnetic Side) 

Soocoo g1 sport_camera_mounting_examples

Mounting Unit

In most cased the G1 Camera attachment to surfaces was good. But did have issues with the mounting unit when it detached itself when the camera falls on the floor due to low attachment force with few surfaces.

Soocoo g1_sport_camera_mounting_unit

When it falls, the mounting part detached itself from the hinge so I had to connect it again to the camera. If we are talking about a durable sports camera, The company should consider a better solution, making sure both parts are not detached easily if the unit accidentally falls.


Operation & Performance

To make the G1 Camera water and dust sealed, Company integrated the Micro USB charging/data port along the reset hole and Micro SD Card slot internally, inside the camera main body.

For charging the unit or adding the Micro SD Card you will need to open the mini cover that looks like a mini cork using a coin and open the lock by twisting the cover in opposite to clock direction, a simple process that takes approximately 1~3 seconds.



Operating the G1 Camera is done via a Mobile app called: “Ishare CAM” available to download from Google play store or apple store. In my tests, I used the android app that worked fine. Worth noting that the Mobile App UI (user interface) design could have been a lot better but again, It works well.

Location of Saved files: All files are stored on the camera Micro SD Card and later can be transferred to the phone/Tablet PC through the “Ishare CAM” App or directly to a PC via Micro USB cable.

Ishare CAM Android App


Operating The G1 Camera 

Connecting the  phone with the camera is done with the following steps:

  1. Pressing the Camera Power Button.
  2. Pressing the WiFi Button until the light status indicator starts flashing.
  3. Selecting “Ishare Cam” from the WiFi  list and entering the password: 12345678
  4. Opening the “Ishare CAM” Mobile App.

Operation Modes

Remote Control Unit: if you don’t want to use a mobile phone for controlling the camera you can use the remote that offers three types of operation modes:

  1. Video Protect Button ( Locked Loop-back ) is a continuous video recording mode.
  2. Snap & Recording Button: Long press for starting video recording and short press for taking stills photos.

Image Quality:

The G1 uses an 8MP OV sensor. From first impression video quality in [email protected] fps mode was reasonable.  In the low light conditions picture tends to be grainy, so don’t expect 2k /4 k resolution and quality from ~70 USD Camera.

G1 Camera WiFi Connectivity | Demo Video

G1 Camera | Demo Video

Final Words.

The G1 is a very nice product suitability to work as a “light duty” sports camera for everyday sports activities including family trips or also use it as an indoors surveillance / IP camera. The sticky camera concept is a nice idea, very suitable for people that like taking selfie photos or videos without carrying along with selfie stick. Bottom line, it’s nice and I recommend it.

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