SJCAM SJ4000 Sports Camera Review

Sj4000 sport action camera review
sj4000 sport action camera review

SJCAM SJ4000 Sports Camera Review

Following the GoPro HERO3 Sports Action/DVR Camera success more Chinese companies currently offer a wide selection of cheaper camera “Clones” at more reasonable and sane prices. The SJ4000 comes in two versions. The first model named SJ4000 WIFI with built-in WIFI supporting connectivity, viewing camera through special Android / iOS mobile apps and the more basic one, SJ4000 without any mobile functionality that’s been reviewed.

That being said. The main differences between various models are expressed mostly in build quality, Accessories quality, sensor type,  functions etc.


Review TOC

  1. Product Intro.
  2. Specifications.
  3. Package.
  4. Unpacking.
  5. Items included in the package.
  6. Accessories.
  7. Design & Quality.
  8. Operation & Performance.
  9. Conclusions.


Key Features :

  • Chipset: Novatek 96655
  • 12.0 MP CMOS Sensor.
  • Screen Size: 1.5-inch screen.
  • HD 170 degree wide-angle lens.
  • Video Resolution: Max. 1920*1080P/30fps.
  • Support HDMI HD output function.
  • Water-resistant casing: water-resistant up to 30 meters underwater.
  • NTK96650 + AR0330 DSP (better image quality than Hero 2).
  • With waterproof case for taking wonderful video underwater up to 30 meters.
  • Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot, Snapper, Time-lapse.
  • Detachable battery that is easy to replace and prolongs your cameras service life.
  • Support storage cards up to 32GB maximum (Micro SD Card Class 4 Above).
  • Special Features: WiFi, Waterproof, Cycle Recording, Motion Detection.
  • Compatible with Most Mounts and Accessories.


Products info & Specifications :

Sj4000_sports_action_dvr_camera_specs. Png





Sj4000 package


Items included in the package ( Unpacked )Jpeg

Accessories :

  • 1 X Waterproof Case.
  • 1 X Bicycle Stand.
  • 1 X Belt mounting unit.
  • 1 X Case cover.
  • 1 X Clip.
  • 1 X Fixed Base.
  • 1 X Switch Support 1
  • 1 X Switch Support 2
  • 1 X Switch Support 3
  • 1 X Adapter.
  • 1 X Helmet Base.
  • 1 X Bandage.
  • 1 X Ribbon.
  • 1 X 3M Adhesive Tape.
  • 1 X Wire Rope.
  • 1 X monopod.
  • 1 X Data Wire (Data & Charging Cable).
  • 1 X Wiper.
  • 1 X Manual.
  • 1 X Battery.

Sj4000_sports_action_dvr_camera_view_thumb. Jpg

Design & Quality

From the first impression, all items including accessories are high standard and genuine. The camera casing surfaces have a rubberized coating with Rough surfaces on the sides, making the unit durable to scratches and dirt sticking to it.

The waterproof protection casing is mostly made from transparent ABS plastic with external push spring-activated mechanical buttons, that on my personal taste are hard to press. Probably in time spring strength should weaken as the device is more used.

The product package includes many types of accessories. Clips, grips and special mounting elements, according to specific usage. For example camera, mounting unit for sports helmet or for a bicycle, special car bracket, On-body Belt clip for carrying camera etc..

Verifying  Product is  Genuine  ( SJCAM  Brand ).

Main Indicators :

  • SJCAN LOGO printed on the camera.
  • SJCAN LOGO appears when the device is turned on.
  • No English spelling mistakes on the product package.
  • Authentication QR Code label located on the right side of package As shown in the photo below.


Sj4000 camera authentication checks

SJ4000 Camera With Detachable 900mAh Battery.

Removing the Battery from the camera is a simple task. You just need to move the small hinge (battery lock) located on the bottom and cover is easily removed.

Sj4000_action_camera_with_battery_thumb. Jpg


SJ4000 Dimensions  –  59.27 x 41.13 x 29.28 mm

Sj4000_camera_size. Jpg


Operation & Performance

Sj4000. Jpg


Sj4000 camera setup menu


Operation :

Once you turn the camera power On by pressing the “mode” button unit automatically is set on the video recording mode. To switch back into stills photography mode you will need to press it again. Third Press enters “Setup” mode where there all the settings for example Date/Time, Resolution, Exposure levels, White balance and more. to turn the unit completely off a longer press is needed.

Top View: “OK” Button + Power standby LED

Operating the camera is simple. Pressing the round-shaped “OK” button located on top of the unit starts & ends selected recording photography functions.

Right View: Navigation keys

With the up/down navigation keys that also control the Zoom feature (shown in the photo below).

Sj4000_camera_operation. Jpg


Left View :

On the left side you have :

  • Type D (Micro-HDMI port).
  • micro SD/TF memory card Slot.
  • USB Connection: for Unit charging / Transferring data via P.C.

Stills Photos :

The Camera has x4 optical zoom settings by pressing the arrow (navigation) buttons located on the right side of the camera. From my test photo quality is good, but not amazing. The shutter speed response from the moment the “OK” button is pressed is pretty fast, no complaints here.


  1. File format: JPG
  2. Quality: Fine.
  3. Resolution : 12M – 4032 x 3024 pixels


Video recording :

Test #1

  1. File format : MOV
  2. Test Type : Outdoors
  3. Resolution : 1920×1080 30 FPS
  4. Conditions :  Optimal Conditions (Sunny day).


Test #2

  1. file format : MOV
  2. Test Type : Outdoors
  3. Resolution : 1920×1080 30 FPS
  4. Conditions : Extreme Low Light Condition (Night Recording).


The Video quality in extreme low light conditions wasn’t great, but still, overall performance is reasonable for a relatively low-cost product. The JS4000 has many practical usages as a DVR camera, In Sports activities or just as an outdoor field stills camera. it sales online for $72 retail price (excluding freight cost). You can find more info about it in Tomtop official store.



– Easy to operate.

– High-Quality product including Accessories.



– Sensor performance in extreme low light conditions could be better.


     Product  Link (Basic Model)

      Product  Link (Wi-Fi Model)

    TomTop on YouTube

      Tomtop on Google+

        TomTop on

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