SOOCOO S70 Sports Action Camera Review

Soocoo s70 action camera review
Soocoo S70 Action Camera Review

Product introduction

SOOCOO S70 Sports Action Camera is Anytek latest high-end model which supports HD recording resolution up to 2K at 30 fps. The S70 Camera hardware is based on the NTK96660 SoC Solution. The camera comes with internal 2GB DDR RAM, 10-16MP image sensor OV4689 (OmniVision), 1.5 Inch Screen, wearable mini remote control unit and 1050mAh battery.

According to the company the SOOCOO waterproof camera tested and can withstand max diving depth between 30 – 60 meters. The product package comes bundled with multiple mounting accessories for attaching to helmets, hiking gear, including other sports equipment.

The camera supports WiFi connectivity function for viewing, playing, and sharing video instantaneously using iPhone and Android apps that allow the user to fully control the camera and adjust different recording modes, according to the specific application.

Additional features of the S70 Camera include Motion detection, Automatic Exposure, Loop recording etc. What you normally can find in most sports cameras in the market. That being said, This product is defiantly worth reviewing, especially for testing the video recording quality at high resolutions.

SOOCOO S70 Sport Action Camera


Company Introduction

SOOCOO is a sports brand of Shenzhen Anytek Information Technology Ltd. The company began researching audio and video processing technology and producing home security products but what they made a name themselves for was the black box for cars. In 2009 Anytek’s mother company Hong Kong Wonderful Industrial Development Ltd decided to set up a new factory to research and produce car black boxes, making it the first Chinese car black box manufacturer. After four years Anytek black box became the market leader. Dominating the domestic market, they expanded to sell their products to Russia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Poland as well as Ukraine.

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The S70 Sports Camera Review will be focusing on the followings:

  1. Product Introduction.
  2. Company Introduction.
  3. Product Features & Specifications.
  4. Package.
  5. Unboxing Video.
  6. Items included in the package.
  7. Design & Quality.
  8. Operation & Performance.
  9. Camera Operation Demo Video.
  10. Final Words.

SOOCOO S70 Main Highlights:

  • Model: SOOCOO S70.
  • Chipset: NTK96660 chip
  • OmniVision4689 COMS sensor.
  1. Super HD [email protected], Full HD [email protected] video.
  2. 30-60 meters diving without a waterproof case.
  3. Built-in WiFi, intelligent terminal APP, convenient operation.
  4. 170 degrees super wide-angle, take in everything in a glance.
  5. 2.4 G wireless remote control watch.
  6. Exclusive underwater a key SOS high brightness distress signal.
  7. 1050 mAh removable large battery, can work approximately for 2.5 hours.


SOOCOO S70 | Full Camera View   




The S70 main product package comes with three mini packages where you can find all the mounting accessories packed in nylons including user guide etc. And a third one with the camera.


S70 Camera | Unboxing Video

Items in the package:

  • x1 User guide.
  • 1x Quality certificate.
  • 1x USB Cable.
  • 1x Bicycle Handlebar Holder.
  • 1x Switch Support.
  • 1x Arm Strap.
  • 1x Release Buckle.
  • 1x Waterproof Remote Control.
  • 2x 3M adhesive tape.
  • 1x Sealing Cork (For Micro HDMI / Micro USB ports).
  • 1x S70 Sports Camera.
  • 1x Switch Support.
  • 1x Long Screw.
  • 1x Fixed Base.
  • 1x 1050 mAh Battery.


Package #1

Soocoo_s70_ camera_package1

Package #2

Soocoo_s70_ camera_package2

Package #3

Soocoo_s70_ camera_package3

Design & Quality

The company designed the camera with a built-in water-resistant plastic casing that supports diving depth up to 30M. From the first impression, the general design looks good and the case is well sealed against water leaking. To gain access to the camera main parts or external interfaces (Micro HDMI/Micro USB) user needs to use a cane and twist a type of a cork to open it.

Compared to other sports camera on the market, this product doesn’t have any additional transparent waterproof case because the camera case is already protected and sealed. That being said, According to manufacturer camera can withstand diving depths up to 60 Meters but the company actually tested with up to 30 meters, therefore I can’t really confirm if the camera can withstand higher depth/pressure then that.


Software & UI

On the back of the user manual, the user has two QR Codes for downloading the SOOCOO+ Mobile App. One is for Android users and the other is for iOS. The first step, you first need to install a QR scanning app and scan preferred mobile App according to the preferred operating system or, alternatively just search for the app by name in google play store and install it

The Mobile app is simple and very easy to operate. The App offers basic options for recording or taking still photos while viewing the camera live through the video window, transferring saved files from camera storage directly to the mobile device.

The S70 Camera supports the following  video recording resolutions:

  1. 1440p 30FPS (2k)
  2. 1080p 60FPS
  3. 1080 30FPS
  4. 720p 120FPS
  5. 720p 60FPS
  6. VGA 240FPS
  • Supported File Formats: Video format: MP4, Photo format: JPG

SOOCOO+  Android App



The SOOCOO+ Android Mobile App worked OK but UI (User Interface) could be a lot better and needs more improvement. I had few issues such as sudden lags/freezes when viewing the camera through the live video window in 1440p 30FPS and 1080p 60FPS. It’s not clear if its a software bug or hardware problem. The company was informed about this problem and hopefully will get a new firmware update out and fix it.

Camera Operation

Front Side: You have a dual-LED Lights that should be very helpful in low light conditions, including scuba diving activities (Marked with yellow Arrows). Another nice feature company added is the SOS / signalling feature, if you press 3 times on the (A) LED Lamp Button both lights start flashing on and off.

Back Side: All buttons on the S70 camera are built inside the casing envelope. What makes the device casing very sealed against dust including water.

  • Back Side:
  • (A)  LED Lamp Button.
  • (B)  Right / Left keys ( Menu Navigation / Zoom keys).
  • (C)  Menu Button (Main Camera Settings).
  • (D)  Enter Button.
  • (E)  Mode Button (Switching between photo/video record modes, Playing Videos).
  • (F) Power Button.
  • (G) Record Button.


 Operation Modes:

  • Mobile: Operating the camera with a mobile phone / Tablet PC.
  • Operating Camera Manually By Hands.
  • With 2.4G Wireless remote control: useful when hands are occupied and very suitable For sports activities such as Scuba diving, Biking,  Parachuting, Skying etc.

Remote Watch: has two buttons for video/photo modes.


Charging the Camera

The S70 is equipped with 1050 mAh that approximately can last up 1 hour of continues usage using a mobile device in WiFi mode. Charging the unit is done by connecting it with the Micro USB cable to a standard 5V USB Port or a P.C. When the unit charges the LED   charger light is turned on. When the charging process ends and the battery is fully charged, it turns off.

Web Camera Mode

The camera also works as a web camera when connected to a P.C via USB Cable, but because Camera is equipped with a fisheye type lens (170 degrees view), it’s not very useful on a practical level for video conferencing applications.

Operating The S70 Camera in WiFi Mode | Video Demo

 Video Tests | Outdoors ( Test Condition: Cloudy Day )

Final Words

Overall the S70 camera is a very nice product with good design including above average video quality. Bottom line, it’s a good buy and I recommend.


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