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Orange PI Launches a High-Speed 4G LTE Wireless module for OPI 4/B Boards

High-Speed 4G LTE Wireless module
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Orange PI High-Speed 4G LTE Wireless module

Xunlong Software CO., LTD is also known for its famous Orange PI brand SBCs just launched a new 4G LTE Wireless Module designed especially for Orange PI4/4B Board Based on RockChip RK3399 SoC. Keep in mind that If you are planning on buying this 4G module, you would also have to buy an additional Orange PI 4G PCI-E Expansion Board ($3.90).

To make use of this 4G module, you need to insert it into the PCI-E Expansion Board socket and then connected to the Orange PI 4 SBC PCIe interface through 16 pins flat cable. This mounting solution is not the most elegant in the world, but it’s still cost-effective if you considering the total cost of the kit.

If you already bought a complete Orange PI 4/B Kit, the PCI-E Expansion Board is already included in the package so your total investment would be much lower. Orange PI 4G module that is currently on sale on Orange PI Offical AliExpress for a price tag of $15.99 (Excluding shipping).

Orange PI 4G Wireless Module

Buy It on Xunlong Software CO., LTD
AliExpress Offical Store

Orange PI 4G LTE Wireless Module

OrangePi G Module Front
Orange Pi 4G Module Front
OrangePi G Module Rear
Orange Pi 4G Module Rear

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Important Notice:

  • The frequency bands are different from country to country when you place the order, pls check your local LTE Band!
Orange PI G Module Bands
Orange PI 4G Module Bands

Orange PI 4G Module

Value for Money


Worth value item for Orange pi Pi 4/B Users.


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