$4 Orange Pi 4/4B mPCIe & SIM Card Expansion Board

Orange pi 4 pcie expansion board
orange pi 4 PCIe expansion Board

$4 Orange Pi 4/4B mPCIe & SIM card Expansion Board

Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO., LTD has now launched a $3.90 expansion board. The new expansion card is designed for the Orange Pi 4/4B board series powered by the Rockchip RK3399 SoC. This new super cheap board offers a mPCIe (mini PCI-Express) capabilities and incorporates an on-board reset switch, 24 pins PCIe flat cable socket. On top of that, the company included a 3G/4G connectivity SIM card for building a small dimensions modem/access point device.

Although mPCIe is less common compared to the popular PCIe socket, it offers the small form-factor advantage to connect various Bluetooth, WLAN add-on cards including a SATA 3.0 mini PCIe Controller (NOT TESTED!) that can potentially be used with the Orange Pi 4 board to build a NAS device.

2-Ports SATA 3.0 mini PCIe Controller Card

Sata pcie controller card

For those that are interested in this product, as mentioned previously, the expansion card is sold for a retail price of $3.90 (excluding shipping fee) and can be found on the Shenzhen Xunlong Official AliExpress store link Here.

Orange Pi 4/4B PCIe Expansion Board

Orange pi 4 4b pcie expansion board

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