AliExpress Singles Day Coupons – Online Shopping Discount on 11/11!

Aliexpress single day coupons

AliExpress singles day coupons, Deals, and Discounts for 11/11.

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AliExpress Singles Day Deals Coupons

The validity period of promo codes: November 11 (00:00 PT) – November 12 (23:59 PT).

Coupon CodeRange Amount of discount
MEGA111over $25$2 discount
SINGLENEW11over $5 (new buyers)$4 discount
IMPREZAover $30$4 discount
SINGLEDAY4over $30$4 discount
SINGLEDAY7over $50$7 discount
PLANETPLUS7over $50$7 discount
SINGLEDAY10over $90$10 discount
SINGLEDAY12over $110$12 discount
FEST1111over $200$18 discount

(The coupons are available for users from all countries except the CIS countries).

14 Useful Tips Before Placing an Order

Tip #1

Prepare ahead – Add your favourite items to your shopping cart a few days before 11/11.

Tip #2

Always follow the prices – Do some research and constantly follow the prices as they might change every day.

Tip #3

Check the total price – Select the same item from multiple stores and mark the shipping option for each store to check the total overall product price, including the shipping fee.

Tip #4

Verify the store history – Always check the store rankings Including user reviews.

Tip #5

Prioritize your orders – If the seller offers a low product discount and it’s urgent, you can place the order before 11/11 and get it sooner.

Tip #6

Always check user reviews – If you see negative customer reviews, check the real reason for their discontent. Some customers based their reviews on various parameters such as quality issues, shipping delays, defects in the product, and so forth.

Tip #7

Positive experience – If you already bought the same product before, play it safe and order from the same store: fewer headaches, complications, and future problems.

Tip #8

Use reviews photos as a reference – If you consider buying a refurbished (renewed products), check users’ reviews and their photos of the product. This will give you a general estimate of the product’s general quality and how it’s packed.

Tip #9

Maximize your discount – To maximize your discount: collect coupons and coins, play in games, and participate in activities.

Tip #10

Choosing the right shipping carrier – Choose your shipping carrier carefully – If the product you are buying is not of high priority, you can pick the cheapest shipping method.

Tip #11

Cashback service – Use a cashback browser plugin to get cashback on every purchase in AliExpress, GearBest, Banggood, Tomtop, and other popular stores.

Tip #12

Use select coupons – Select Coupons are a special type of coupons that help you save even more for specific products.

Tip #13

Using coupons – Aliexpress platform offers two types of coupons. collected coupons and coupon codes you can enter manually during the checkout process.

Tip #14

Collecting products – After collecting your coupons and products in the cart, make sure you select the products with a minimum amount to redeem the coupon properly. For Example, Don’t pick a $50 for a $1 coupon during the checkout process. Pick the minimal value of products to optimize your buy!

How to Apply the coupon codes?

During the checkout process, you need to enter the discount code and select Apply ( Check screenshot example below ).

  • Step #A – Enter your coupon code.
  • Step #B – Select ‘Apply‘.
  • Step #C – Select ‘Place Order‘.
Aliexpress checkout
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