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Oneplus 7t smartphone

OnePlus 7T

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OnePlus company released their OnePlus 7T / Pro series on September & October of year 2019. These models are the usual upgrades every year. Based on the previous generation, it will appropriately carry out some small upgrades. It can also be considered as a relay to maintain the popularity of the product. Then this time the 7T Where have the series been upgraded? Let’s check out the features of this handset has to offer.

Oneplus 7t

OnePlus 7T [Product Video]

OnePlus 7T Hardware

So far we’ve been talking about features that One Plus is not usually known for like screens and sensors, but if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that One Plus usually provides quality specifications this time too they do not disappoint: inside the device you will find the Snapdragon processor Qualcomm’s 855 Plus (an improved version mainly for gaming, but not only), 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of UFS 3.0 storage. Much, but far beyond what the average user needs and is sufficient even for relatively heavy usage.

OnePlus 7 vs. OnePlus 7T

The biggest upgrade of the 7T series this time should be the change between 7T and 7. Not only has the processor been slightly upgraded, but the camera, battery, charging power, vibration motor, and factory system have all been improved to varying degrees, but the price is 7T offers a 128GB version as an option.

Let’s look at the difference between OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T. There is no obvious changes here. It can even be said that this version is a bit confusing. Using the processor to increase the price of entry, there is almost no change in other specs, although the battery is 85mAh larger.

HardwareOnePlus 7OnePlus 7T
System on chipQualcomm Snapdragon 855Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus
ProcessorKyro 485 – 8 cores at a maximum frequency – 2.84GhzKyro 485 – 8 cores at a maximum frequency – 2.96Ghz
Memory / Storage6GB / 8GB8GB
Display6.41 inches
2340×1080, 402ppi
6.55 inches
2400×1080, 402ppi
Selfi Camera16 megapixel, EIS, 1080p video16 megapixels, f / 2.0, EIS
Main camera48 MP+ 5 MPMP 48 + MP 16 + MP 12
MaterialAluminum, glassAluminum, glass
Weight182 g190 g
Operating SystemOxygen OS (Android 10)Oxygen OS (Android 10)

Gaming Experience

The OnePlus 7T is quite simply one of the fastest smartphone out there. The combination of the relatively clean operating system, its powerful specifications and a smooth display yields a tremendous user experience that is hard to go back from. This spec tackles without any significant effort with relatively heavy games like Call Of Duty Mobile, even in the highest graphics options. The game works smoothly and at a constant frame rate, no matter how busy the battle was with other players.

Impressive Display

The main highlight of the OnePlus 7T is undoubtedly its screen, which comes from the Pro version directly to the “discounted” version, and is just wow: it’s huge (6.55 inches), it’s insanely bright (up to 1,000 rivets) and it’s really, really smooth with 90Hz refresh rate.  a screen with a faster refresh rate like this just makes any movement on the screen feel smoother. You will feel most of this effect at all in the operating system menus and during content scrolling, and everything just looks so much better that way.  In addition to this, with HDR10+ support and you get a screen with an awesome viewing experience.

OnePlus 7T Charging

The battery capacity of OnePlus 7T is pretty average, but it should allow you to get through the day. Its packed with a 3800mAh battery and powers a large 6.55-inch Full HD + 90Hz display, which will take a lot of effort. Unfortunately, we have not yet obtained the evaluation unit, so we can not say exactly the length of the battery life.

Where to Buy

Oneplus 7t
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