Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review – The budget king of fitness trackers from Xiaomi

Xiaomi mi band 6 review
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review, Features, Specs, Price.
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The new Xiaomi Mi Band 6 brings a larger curved AMOLED display of 1.56 inches, which is almost 50% larger than the Mi Band 5 display, and provides excellent resolution with a resolution of 326 ppi. It has a 24-hour heart rate monitoring function, and increased SpO2 blood oxygen level monitoring function, which also helps to track the quality of sleep.

At first glance, there are now a selection of 30 activity modes that can be used for different sports and their changes, which seems a bit extreme. We can’t even think of 30 different activities, let alone how to track them, so we would love to know what they look like.

The band automatically detects 6 different exercises. For water sports enthusiasts-its waterproof capacity is up to 50m, which also means that it can withstand your typical bathing, showering, pool party, etc.

Xiaomi mi band 6 colors
Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review - The budget king of fitness trackers from Xiaomi 1

Main Features

EditionChinese version
Connectivity Bluetooth V5.0
Display1.56 full view AMOLED screen, 49% larger area than mi smart band 5.
Ag+ Antibacterial strapThe in-box black TPU strap contains Ag+ antibacterial agent to prevent skin from germs.
Display resolution326 PPI – could see picture and text more clearly.
Supported LanguagesSupport Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian support English and Chinese Now (More languages will be updated later).
Other functionsSedentary reminder, Meeting reminder
Find watch
Find phone
Hand raise light up etc.
IM pushing / notificationsIncoming calls
Upgraded sports tracking modes30 workout modes to record your heart rate and burned calories, including popular exercise like HIIT, Platies, Zumba.

Stress\PAI\ Menstrual cycle tracking, breath training.
Upgraded health monitoringSpO2 tracking can detect your blood oxygen saturation level, which is vital to health.
All day Heart rate monitoring and alerts.
Sleep monitoringSleep monitoring that can record REM, all day
nap and sleep breathing quality.
Water proof5ATM water proof level that can be used during swimming.
Water resistant up to 50m.
Battery & ChargingUp to 14 days battery life for normal use.
Easily charged with magnetic charging pins
Misc control functionsCamera control\ Music control\ Idle Alert
Supported AppsMi Wear/Mi Fit APP.
You can either use Mi Wear or Mi Fit App to connect
with band.

Battery and Charging

In terms of battery charging, Mi Band 6 can use the same magnetic charger. Since Mi Band 5 can only “last” about 10 days on a single charge (normal use), Xiaomi advertises a 14-day battery life.

It looks impressive, but unfortunately, when it comes to the global version of Mi Band 6, there is no mention of NFC support. It is only on sale, but the price has also risen slightly, so you won’t feel that you have lost too.

Magnetic Charging

Another highlight of the product is the magnetic charger unit which makes it much easier to charge the Mi 6 Smart Band. Compared to many existing charging solutions on the market that use a housing and snap type connectors to attach the watch contacts against the charger contacts, this is the most preferred and also the most user friendly method.

Xiaomi mi band 6 charger
Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review - The budget king of fitness trackers from Xiaomi 2

IM Support

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 smart band is expected to receive such a useful function for users as replies to text messages in general and SMS in particular. In simple terms, the wristband will have full support for popular instant messengers, including WhatsApp and Telegram.

Price and Availability

The price is 44.99 euros, equivalent to 53 US dollars and 39 pounds, although these prices may change when the band actually enters the British market.

Although there is no news about availability at the moment, if you want to buy any of Xiaomi’s new products, including Mi Band 6, the company will hold a Mi Fan Festival on April 6. They promised to bring many discounts for new products and new products. Existing products, which means you can buy most (if not all) products.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review

A full detailed review will be available when we will receive a sample.

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