All Metal NanoPC T4 Case – Assembly & Thoughts

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NanoPC T4 Metal Case 

The NanoPC T4 is definitely one of the best high end SBC (Single board computer) I recently tested and reviewed. With the default acrylic plastic case users may expect partial cover for all the board interfaces. If you need a closed type of case and not a semi closed acrylic, composed of just two plates I suggest checking FriendlyElec metal  priced at $6.99. This cool and well designed case will not only protect the T4 board from dust and dirt, but also assures the heat connectivity will be optimal. Having said that, you are welcome to check more information about this recommended product on the link posted below:

Buy it On FriendlyElec (Official Website)


NanoPC-T4 Metal Case full view


Soon to be updated!


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