Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit – Worth Buying Development Kit

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The Company

52pi (52pi Technology Co., Ltd) is a high-level open-source provider and design company that offers an All-in-one market place for various development boards, including special focus in customized accessories and Kits for the Banana Pi and Raspberry Pi Brand Products. Among their accessories, you can find special modules, Screens, Audio circuits, flash memory cards, Electronic wireless switches, Computer peripheral devices, heat-sinks, keyboards, TFT Display Panels, Case Enclosures, gamepads accessories and more.


Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit (Intro)

One of 52Pi most popular products is its Starter Kit package, containing all the essential accessories every Pi DIY Geek may need for designing and developing open-source projects. All in one package contains nine items in total. A plastic case with a 30 mm Fan, The latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B single-board computer, 5v/2.5A Power supply Unit, two heat-sinks, one Cooling Pad, HDMI Cable and a 16GB Micro-SD Card for loading the image system files. That said, for more information, you are welcome to visit 52Pi AliExpress store link posted below:

52Pi Official Website

52Pi Official AliExpress Store


Pi52 Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit Overview

Raspberry Pi 3 | Interfaces

52PI Raspberry pi 3 Kit

Review Content:

  1. Company Introduction
  2. Product Introduction
  3. Product Overview video
  4. Specifications, Package Content
  5. Optional Accessories
  6. Full Package view
  7. Unboxing the Board
  8. A Closer Look at the Board (Hardware platform)
  9. Final Verdict


Raspberry Pi 3 Specifications:

  • Soc: Broadcom BCM2837 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53  1.2GHz (Peak).
  • System Memory: 1GB LPDDR2
  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Dual-core Video core IV ® Multimedia Co-processor
  • 1x Micro-USB connector for power supply
  • 1x 10 / 100 Ethernet port RJ45
  • 1x Status LED
  • 1 x HDMI video / audio
  • 1 x RCA video / audio Jack
  • 1 x CSI camera connector
  • 4 x USB 2.0 ports
  • 1x 40 GPIO pins
  • 1x Chip Antenna
  • 1x DSI display connector
  • 1x Micro-SD card slot
  • Dimensions: 85 x 56 x 17 mm


Software Support:

  • Supports all the popular ARM GNU / Linux distributions.
  • LibreELEC (KODI Media Center OS)
  • OSMC (Alternative KODI Media Center OS)
  • Windows 10 IoT Core


Package Content:

  • 1x Raspberry pi 3 model B.
  • 1x 16GB Micro SD Card with Adapter.
  • 2x High-quality copper heat-sinks.
  • 1x High-quality Copper Cooling Pad
  • 1x HDMI Cable.
  • 1x Small (30 mm) cooling fan.
  • 1x High-Quality Plastic Case.
  • 1x 5V 2.5A Power supply Unit (Note: Specify Type when placing order: US / UK / AU).


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Starter Kit Package 



Optional Accessories:

  • VGA666 (VGA Interface Adapter) Buy It Here


  • 5 inch  LCD TFT Touch Screen (800 x 480 px) + Screen Stand – Buy It Here


Kit Items & Packages


Raspberry pi 3 Board Package


Raspberry pi 3 Starter Kit Accessories


Unboxing the Raspberry pi 3 Board

Board Case

The Starter Kit comes with a black color plastic case and plastic case with a 30 mm fan, two copper heat-sinks, and one cooler pad. Assembling the board inside the case was very easy without a need to use any bolts. Both parts of the cased are connected with Snap type plastic connections that also give the user flexibility in the separation of both parts of the case, even after they are assembled.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Case


Optional Accessories

LCD TFT Touch Screen – 52Pi company offers two types of display screens. The 7 inch panel with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels that comes with a separated PCB with onboard interfaces which include: VGA, AV and HDMI, Power and the 5 inch model that comes with a lower resolution of 800×480 pixels panel with a built-in, integrated PCB with HDMI and micro USB interface, located on the back of the unit.

Both display panels can work with any single-board computers, including all of the Raspberry boards series by connecting the screen directly to the board via standard HDMI Male type cable. This basically makes life much easier connecting to an external screen with HDMI compared to using special flat cables or interfaces that occupy ad use the GPIO header pins. A very useful feature if you are planning on building a mini media center/workstation based console.


Interfaces / Connections

The 5-inch screen panel uses a very low power supply source (5V-170mAh) and comes with a built HDMI and a Micro USB interface to the power. To connect the board to it you will need to use a standard USB to Micro USB cable and the HDMI cable. You can use any USB host port as a power source. For example PC, Mini PC, External USB Hub or connect directly to one of the Raspberry Pi 3 USB ports.

5 inch Touch Screen panel 


5 inch Screen with acrylic stand


A Closer Look at the Board (Hardware platform)

The board provided in the kit is the known Raspberry Pi 3 board, and it’s also important to mention that there are two versions of this board that exist in the market. One type, produced in China, and the original model, produced in the UK. That said, Based on the package writing and the board provided with the package I can confirm it a genuine Raspberry Pi product.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B


Final Verdict

Because this board was reviewed numerous times, in many Blogs and media websites I didn’t see any point doing the same. Based on my impression, all of the items provided in this Kit were of high quality and well designed. The bottom line, I recommend it and It’s a Great Buy for the price of $63.99. For further information you are welcome to check 52Pi Website and Official AliExpress store link posted below:



Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit - Worth Buying Development Kit
52PI Raspberry Pi Model B3 Starter Kit min

The Company 52pi (52pi Technology Co., Ltd) is a high-level open-source provider and design company that offers an All-in-one market place for various deve

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