USB Car Charger Review | ORICO Brand Model UCH-2U1Q

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Product Introduction

The ORICO UCH-2U1Q is a three port USB car charger made from high quality materials. In this new model, in this model Company added additional USB port for devices that support quick charging technology (QC 2.0), making the charging process a lot quicker and efficient. ORICO currently selling the item in their official company store for USD $15.37. For further information you are welcome to visit their Official AliExpress store:

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Product Specifications:









ORICO UCH 2U1Q Car Charger Package

ORICO_ UCH_2U1Q_USB_Car_Charger_Package

ORICO UCH 2U1Q Unboxing

Items inside Package:



The product body / case is made from high quality plastic with a shiny glossy surface. Overall quality looks very high as expected. The third USB port marked in orange color is the one that supports quick charging functions for Qualcomm devices. Quick charge 2.0 is technology specially developed for their hardware and shouldn’t work on other types of hardware such as MTK (MediaTek) device, unless manufacturer tested and confirmed it works well. That being said, because I currently don’t have a phone equipped with Qualcomm this feature could not be tested.

  1. 1x QC2.0 – 12V/1.5A 9V/2A 5V/2A
  2. 1x 5V2.4A
  3. 1 x 5V1A

ORICO_ UCH_2U1Q_USB_Car_Charger


From my simple test using a voltage / current USB measuring gadget, the current, voltage readings were between 4.7-5V – 0.7 A. Its Important to clarify that values declared by the manufacturer are always Maximum and depends on the device being charged and quality of the USB cable that is used.

ORICO UCH 2U1Q USB Car Charger


Design Feedback

ORICO company used a glossy type plastic surface which is a good thing, but if you are planing to unplug the charger from the car Cigarette lighter socket many types, it could scratch the glossy plastic very easily in the area of the contacts. It was smarter to use a more anti scratch / resistance material or a ring made part from metal material that should solve this external “cosmetic” issue and ultimately also make the product more scratch durable.


Final Words

The ORICO UCH 2U1Q is a good and high quality car charger. For a retail price of USD $15 including shipping its defiantly worth the price and I highly recommend.



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