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Tronsmart encore spunky buds
tronsmart encore spunky buds

Tronsmart Spunky Wireless Earbuds

Apple AirPods Alternative

Let’s face reality. After the launch of Apple Airpods Bluetooth earphones, many Chinese manufacturers started designing and producing similar innovative products at a much cheaper price point. Tronsmart brand is one of the top known Chinese brands, specialize in designing of mobile accessories with great quality and high-performance.

The Tronsmart Spunky Pro comes with few innovative functions where the most dominate once are the wireless charging and the Siri voice assistant support. According to the company, their earphones can sustain operation up to 9 hours of battery life, and with the charging case assistance with few charging cycles you can reach up to 18H which is respectable in a user standpoint, even if in reality you will be able to reach %20 of the declared manufacture values. Having said that, this product is currently under a special price promotion at a very low price using the provided discount coupon.
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Tronsmart Spunky Wireless Earbuds

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Tronsmart Spunky Wireless Earbuds | Items


Spunky pro wireless earbuds 2



Great Bass Effect

With superior deep bass, clear call sound and a new wireless charging case.

Spunky Pro is engineered for truly wireless music & calls, and an active lifestyle.


Deep Bass and Crystal Clarity 

The advanced 6 mm speaker units provide extraordinary bass without distortion to all your playlists. And two built-in microphones deliver ultra-clear stereo calls by reducing ambient noise.


One-tap Control

Tap the earbud gently to access to core functions easily without reaching for your phone.


Comfortable and Portable Design 

Smaller earbuds come with a pocket-friendly case and plus three sizes ear tips for a secure and comfortable fit that adjusts to your ears, never falling out on-the-go.


Wireless Charging Case

With our new Wireless Charging Case, charging is as simple as placing the case on a Qi-certified charging pad.


Automatic Pairing

A simple one-tap setup, Spunky Pro will pair with your phone or tablet and go.


IPX5 Sweatproof

Rated IPX5 against sweat, splashes, and rain, providing an undisturbed listening experience.


USB-C Charged

It comes with a USB-C connector that can recharge the earphones more stable & quicker.


Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 offers the latest connectivity option for a more stable connection & better range. It is backwards compatible with the previous-gen Bluetooth versions.


IPX5 Water-resistant

Protects your headphones from rain, splashes & sweat providing undisturbed usage.


Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

Engineered to produce high fidelity audio which lets you experience your favourite music on-the-go as never before.


Voice Assistant

Tap the right earbud twice to activate ‘Hey Siri’ to make calls, control music, ask about the weather and a lot more.


All-Day Battery Life

Use all day, meet your listening needs – Up to 18 hours of playtime. From the start of the day to its end, meet your listening needs all the time.


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