Best Wireless Mouse of 2021: Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse Lite

Xiaomi mi mouse lite top best wireless mouse of 2021
Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse Lite: Best Wireless Mouse of 2021

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse Lite (Top Best Wireless Mouse of 2021)

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse Lite

Xiaomi launched on November 11 their new wireless mouse named: Wireless Mouse Lite, the mouse utilizes a minimalist and lightweight design. Externally it looks similar to the Mouse Edition 2 we reviewed before, but It is a brand new model with few design improvements and changes compared to the previous model.

Mi Wireless Mouse Lite specifications

Mi Wireless Mouse Lite comes with an optical sensor that has a resolution of 1,000dpi. It works with an AAA battery and includes a power button that activates the tracking. The mouse also comes with automatic sleep technology to provide battery efficiency to some extent.

Like various existing wireless mice, Mi wireless mouse lite comes with a USB Type-A port receiver. There is also a dedicated compartment located on the bottom of the mouse to store the receiver when it is not in use. The wireless mouse lite carries a price tag of ~$8 – 17. It’s probable and very affordable, so we definitely recommend checking this nice product.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse Lite Specs

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Model: XMWXSB01YM
  • Form factor: Right-Handed
  • Sensor: Optical
  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Technology: 2.4GHz wireless transmission
  • Lightweight body
  • Max sensitivity (DPI): 1000
  • On/Off Switch: Yes
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Range: 10m=>
  • Tilt scroll wheel: Yes
  • Power Source: 1 * AAA Battery (not include)
  • Power requirments: 1.5V / 50mA
  • Size (Length x Grip Width x Height): 113 mm x 60 mm x 36 mm
  • Weight: 63 g + USB Receiver (Excluding Battery)

Design and buttons

In a first look, externally both Mouse Lite and Mouse Edition 2 look very similar with few changes in design. Xiaomi made the mouse lite longer and also wider (About 5 mm) so it’s a lot comfortable fit on the hand, especially suitable for users with longer hands.

The Mi Mouse Lite is a two-button mouse that would be a good fit for right-handed as well as left people. The device is very light, weighing just ~64 grams so It’s an ideal mouse to be carried with a portable device such as a laptop computer/Table PC.

The power on/off switch remains the same, located on the bottom as in the previous Mouse Edition 2. Also, the dongle compartment and the battery housing were moved to the bottom of the mouse.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse Lite

Mouse Lite vs. Mouse Edition 2


Xiaomi mi wireless mouse lite 1
Xiaomi mi wireless mouse lite 1


Xiaomi Mouse Lite

Xiaomi Mouse 2 Edition

2.4GHz Wireless

Check mark icon
Check mark icon

Power switch

Check mark icon
Check mark icon




(Length x Grip Width x Height)

113 mm x 60 mm x 36 mm

98 mm x 56mm x 34 mm


64 gr ( with dongle )

60 gr ( with dongle )

Battery Type

AAA Battery

AA Battery

Rubber gusset 

Two places on the based

Around the based

Housing cover assembly methode

Snap type

Magnetic type


Very simple and straightforward. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to install a mouse. You need to open the housing cover. Slide a AAA battery and plug the USB dongle into the device you want to control.

Should you buy it? 

Mainly because it’s very cheap, plus the quality is excellent as with most of Xiaomi’s products.

Which model should you get? 

Both mouse models are good. The Mi Mouse Edition 2 might be more suitable for people with small hands, while the mouse edition lite would be a more logical pick for most users.

Where can You get It

Xiaomi mouse edition lite edition is another great product, and we defiantly recommend buying it. If you liked both products, we recommend checking the links posted below:

ModelProduct Link
Xiaomi Edition 2Learn More
Xiaomi Lite EditionLean More

Xiaomi Mouse Lite


Build Quality
Value for money


A Great buy!

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