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Orico dcap 5s usb wall charger
ORICO DCAP 5S USB Wall Charger

Product Introduction

ORICO DCAP-5S is a well designed All-In-one universal USB Wall Charger Unit offering an ideal solution for charging appliances at home or workplace. The DCAP-5S comes with a Detachable Power Cord for Charging Five Devices simultaneously. It has 2 x Super Charger Offering 5V-2.4A Power, 3 x Regular 5V-1A Power with total Power 5V-8Amps at 40 Watt. Very handy Product, especially for users that want to charge different mobile devices at home or workplace, eliminating the need to use separate power adapters for each device.


Product Review will be focusing on the followings:

  1. Product Intro/Features, Specs.
  2. Unpacking.
  3. Quality & Design.
  4. Product Operation
  5. Unpacking Video.
  6. Final Words.


  1. Product Link: Click Here
  2. Adapter interface : USB
  3. Length: 3.3 Feet
  4. Standard USB Port : 5
  5. Output Volt: 5V
  6. Output Amp: 8A (2 x 5V 2.4Amps ,  3 x 5V 1Amps)
  7. LED indicator for Power Status.
  8. Support Volt: AC 100-240 Volt 50-60Hz


Main Features:

  • Model: DCAP-5S
  • Brand: ORICO.
  • Plug Types: US/EU/UK/AU.
  • Optional Colors: Black / White.
  • Built in with smart chip that enables the USB desktop charger to detect and thus deliver the perfect amp level to devices
  • Two 5V-2.4A USB ports and three 5V-1A USB Ports, compatible with almost every USB device, it allows users to charge five devices at the same time
  • All-in-One Charging: With 40W power output, you can charge more than just your smartphone or table with this handy.
  • Compatible with but NOT limited to iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 5S/6/6 Plus, iPod touch, Nexus 6, HTC One, LG G3, Lumia, Motorola Droid Turbo, Moto G and etc
  • ORICO USB Desktop Rapid Charger charges devices at full speed with 40 watts and 7.8A total output.
  • Perfect for International Travel- AC 110-220V input voltage.
  • Conforms to CE/FCC/CCC/ROHS certificate.


Orico_dcap_5s_usb_wall_charger for_iphone_ipad_samsung

ORICO DCAP-5S  – Items Inside Package






Package Include:

  1. 1x ORICO 5-Ports USB Super Charger.
  2. 1x Detachable Power Cord.
  3. 1x User’s Manual.
  4. 1x Service Card.


Quality & Design

The DCAP-5S USB Charger unit is made from ABS plastic material. General design looks good including case quality.


Product Operation

The Unit supports Charging up to 5 devices simultaneity, what saves the user the trouble in connecting multiply power adapters for different appliances. Connection to the hub is Normally done with a standard USB Cable according to device connections.



  • Option #1 – This way user can connect it  straight to a power socket without a need for additional power cable using a special adapter.
  • Option #2 – Connecting with provided power cable is the best option for placing unit on a desk at home or office.

Mounting Options


Quick Testing

For my simple test I used a USB current/voltage dongle with two sides connections. USB male side plugs into the hub unit and the other side, the female port connects to the charged unit.


Test Results:

5V- 2.4A x 3 ports

  • Port name: Super charge/s
  • Measured current : 1.22-1.25A
  • Measured Voltage: 5.04V


5V- 1A x 2 ports

  • Port name: Universal/U
  • Measured current : 0.41-0.42 A
  • Measured Voltage: 5.00-5.03V

Note: Current values specified by the manufacturer max values and depend on devices power demands, cable type etc..


Unpacking Video

Final Words

The DCAP-5S is a high quality charging unit and It’s another “Must have” cheap product I recommend Buying. Product sales for a retail price of $17 (including shipping) and can be found in the links listed below.

Product Link in AliExpress Store

Alibaba Website

Company Website



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