Vivo True Best Wireless Earbuds with Premium Design

Vivo True Best Wireless Earbuds

Recently, more people are wearing portable wireless Bluetooth headsets, especially this year (2020) TWS Headsets sales were hugely successful. In addition to the widespread popularity of Bluetooth 5.0, the increasingly disappearing 3.5mm audio interface is also an important reason that is hard to find in most newer flagship mobile phones.

Although the appearance of Apple Airpods gained high popularity, it is not the most user friendly for the majority of Android users. Most Android wireless Bluetooth headsets on the market have more or fewer problems with disconnection, low battery life, high latency, etc.

Today we will introduce the Vivo TWS Earphone true wireless Bluetooth headset that was recently released by Vivo, equipped with a brand new QCC 5126 chip Qualcomm flagship chip designed for high-end devices.

Main Features:

  • QCC 5126 Chip | Dual-core | Better Performance | 4x memory speed.
  • Dual transmission technology, faster, more power-efficient, and more stable.
  • Dual Microphone | CVC Noise Reduction | Stereo.
  • Subwoofer | Driver Diameter 14.2mm.
  • Slightly slide to adjust the volume.
  • Smart Connection – Super fast pair.

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Vivo Wireless Earbuds

Vivo Wireless Earbuds
Vivo Wireless Earbuds – black & white


Appearance and function: The Vivo TWS1 we evaluated today is one of the two colors of the “Interstellar Blue” color version, and there is also a white version. The appearance color and texture of the interstellar blue version can be felt one or two from the photos, and the actual objects will be more exciting at certain angles. The outer shell of TWS1 is exceptionally smooth, and it should use a double-layer injection molding process. What is smarter is that the inner layer and the outer layer are different in color. The inner layer uses a mirror sapphire blue, and the outer layer has a unique gradient color. The mutual influence of the light-transmitting double layer and the mirror effect of the inner layer make the color transition more variable.

Charging Case

The portable charging box is equipped with headphones to achieve a total listening time of up to 24 hours. The earbuds battery can operate up to 4 hours. About a 3-hour call, and can be up to 2 hours in the charging box for up to 2 hours. Turn on the lid to view the battery level on your phone. The usage time varies according to different mobile phones and usage environments.

Vivo Wireless Earbuds inside the charging case

Vivo Wireless Earbuds Charging Case
Vivo Wireless Earbuds Charging Case


One-click pairing

The connection between Vivo TWS Earphone and Vivo mobile phone is also straightforward. The mobile phone turns on Bluetooth-open the charging box and presses the button for two seconds to complete the connection. After completing the first connection, you have set on the seamless connection mode. As long as you open the lid, it will be automatically recognized by the phone.

Super Fast pairing

Smart Connection allows you to achieve a faster pairing process with a short delay from the moment the user opens the charging case/box. The earbuds will recognize by the mobile phone.

Touch Controls

Slightly slide to adjust the volume, whether you’re talking or listening to music, you can easily adjust the volume levels by swiping your finger, and you can double-click and other touch controls to set your favorite features. Different mobile phones have different settings for touch operation functions.

Dual transmission technology

The dual transmission technology offers a faster, more power-efficient, and more stable connection. The breakthrough new transmission technology takes the wireless experience to a new level. Each headset has a strong independent working ability, each connected to the mobile phone, separately transmitting synchronous sound, minimizing sound delay, enhancing connection stability, and improving battery life. There is no need to worry about the large movements during exercise or the complex outdoor environment.

Qualcomm QCC5126

Vivo does not only cooperate with Qualcomm in-depth on mobile phone chips, but this time Vivo TWS Earphones are also equipped with Qualcomm’s world’s first flagship Bluetooth chip-QCC 5126. The powerful dual-core hardware support can be said to bring unprecedented improvements to the headset. The previous generation has increased by 100%, and the memory has increased by about four times. With the dual-channel transmission technology, it can reduce the delay by up to 44% compared to ordinary technology. In other words, it has already solved the problem of high latency of Bluetooth headsets to the greatest extent and can be a step ahead in music, video, and even games.

Sound Quality

In terms of music sound quality, Vivo TWS Earphone has a 14.2mm super loud unit this time, which supports aptX and AAC high-definition audio decoding, plus a bio-vibrator to make the sound dive more profound and the bass sound thicker. Use it to listen to songs, just like in The concert was average and it sounded super comfortable.

For the conversation and noise reduction performance that everyone is very concerned about, with the dual beamforming microphone and noise reduction algorithm, each call is stereo clear, and the noise reduction effect is more effective.


  Brand  VIVO
  Color  Blue Black, White
  Wearing Type  In-ear
  Material  ABS+ PC
  Net Weight (g)  35g
  Dimensions  21.5mm * 45.6mm * 55.4mm
  Microphone  Yes
  Volume Control  Support
  bluetooth Chip  QCC 5126
  bluetooth Version  V5.0, Dual Mode
  Connection Method  Dual transmission / forward transmission
  Transmission Distance  10m
  bluetooth ProtocolA2DP 1.3, hands-free configuration (HFP) 1.7, AVRCP 1.6
  Dynamic Unit  φ14.2mm
  Impedance  32Ω
  Frequency Response  20-20kHz
  Battery Capacity  Charging box: 400mAh, 3.7V
  Earphone: 25mAh*2, 3.7V
  Charging Time (h)  1h
  Taking Time  3h
  Working Time (h)  4h
  Standby Time (h)  24h
  Interface  Type-C
  Waterproof  IP54
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