AXGIO KlicK Universal Smart Button Plug for Mobile Phone

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Product  review will be focusing on the followings :

  1. General Product info & Specifications.
  2. Package.
  3. Unpacking.
  4. Product Photos.
  5. Items in package.
  6. User Interface (UI).
  7. Operation & User Experience.
  8. Conclusions.


  • Brand : AXGIO klicK smart button.
  • Can be used as a dustproof plug.
  • Super easy and simple to use.
  • Suitable for 3.5 mm earphone jack.
  • convenient to carry with earphone wire clip.
  • Plug and play, set your own shortcuts in a second.
  • Intelligent shortcut key for android devices. (4.0 and above).
  • Press and open an app on the locked screen directly and quickly
  • Press button, a smart and cool gadget designed for customizing shortcuts.
  • Keeps dust and dirt from entering the earphone jack on your phone.
  • Shortcut for taking pictures, snap,recording, opening an app etc.
  • Set each feature through the app and activated using a certain number of button presses.


• Support functions like:

  1. Taking fast a photos.
  2. Opening apps.
  3. Turning on flashlight.
  4. SOS function.
  5. Record sound.
  6. Record video.
  7. Answering phone calls.
  8. Instant email.


  • App download here:
  • Size: 15 x 5 x 5 mm / 0.59 x 0.2 x 0.2 inch
  • App support English and Chinese language
  • Net Weight: 2 g / 0.07 oz










Product Photos


Items in package

  • 1x Caring housing Clip (Note : comes in variety of colors).
  • 1x AXIGO KlicK smart Plug/Button.
  • 1x Instruction card (Quick User Guide).


User Interface (UI)

To operate the smart plug functions you will need to install an APK package called “KlicK” which currently only works with android mobile devices. The software itself is very easy and user friendly, After first time installation the software recognized I have WeChat installed on my mobile phone and set it to operate when I press the button. In addition, you can add more apps activation’s (shortcuts) and set each of a series of button clicks.

Shortcuts types are divided into four main categories: .. 1 click (single) press, 2 Clicks and a continuous click (long press).

The dots on the right represent the number of button clicks are needed to activate specific app, in this case WeChat is programed / set to run after pressing the button one time and camera after two clicks.

Perhaps the most common and popular function worth installing is the quick dial feature which comes handy and saves time in getting into the phone contact list and dialing to emergency services, crucial service providers etc..


Operation & User Experience

The product works well, according to company some mobile devices will not support. I noticed that some functions like camera didn’t work correctly on some of my phones and did work ok on others. In this situation, it’s better to install and experiment with different ROMs and have another try.



The AXIGO Klick is a Nice & Cheap product, very easy to operate. Highly recommended.


Product  Link : Click Here

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