Mini Portable USB Power Power Bank Tester

Litong mini portable usb tester
Litong Mini Portable USB Tester

Main Features

  • No extra power supply needed.
  • deal Tool for testing : Power Adapters , Power Banks.
  • High quality, small sized, easy and convenient to carry.
  • Suitable for factories, laboratories and personal use.
  • Measures current and voltage of power supply equipment with USB port
  • Product Uses : phone, any electronic product, such as PC, laptop, power bank.

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( Quick Guide  Manual )

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Connecting USB Dongle Tester With Mobile Phone:

In this example, The USB Voltage/Current meter Input is connected to the mobile phone power supply unit and on the other side (Output) , Its connected via USB Male to Micro USB cable to a Smartphone. The Current  displayed is 0.39A(Note : Unit is measured in ampere).

Usb_current_and_voltage_power_bank_meter_connected_with_smartphone. Jpg


Calculating Power Bank Capacity by Counting how many times it can charge a phone

Calculation of the conversion rate power bank :

Power Bank capacity X 0.8 (20% loss) / mobile phone battery capacity = charging times



  • Power Bank capacity : 11200mah .
  • Mobile phone battery capacity : 3100mAh .
     Charging Times = 11200mAh X 0.8 / 3100mAh = around 2.89 times .


Converting Amps (Current) to ampere-hour rating (Ah)

Amps x Hours = Amp-Hour


Amp_hour_calculate. Png


     Recommend Tools for Practical testing :

  • Stop Watch For measuring Time.
  • Power Bank Unit (Power Supply Source) .
  • Power Monitoring App installed on the Mobile Phone.
  • Power Monitoring Tool : Voltage / Current Mini USB tester.
  • The Appliance that needs charging, for example : Mobile Phone, Tablet PC etc.