Portable Mobile Phone Holder

Vtp 196420 mobile phone holder
VTP 196420 Mobile Phone Holder

Product Introduction

In this short tutorial, I will show you a cheap solution for mounting a mobile phone on a tripod. This holder/mounting unit was purchased from Tinydeal.com store. It’s a very useful solution for making YouTube videos, especially unboxing videos where object distance is very short, but again it works well also with distances of more than 2 meters depending on the phone camera. As for video quality, it mostly depends on the camera sensor’s ability to Autofocus on objects and operates in various light conditions.


Product Specs :

  • Model : Model: VTP-196420
  • Portable Mobile Phone Holder for Tripod.
  • With Standard 1/4-inch tripod screwing holes
  • Holder Acceptable Range: 3.5 to 6.5 cm (Opening).
  • Size: 72 x 29 x 32 mm / 2.83 x 1.14 x 1.26 inch
  • Color: as shown in the picture
  • Net Weight: 24 g / 0.85 oz


     What’s Needed :

  1. Standard tripod.
  2. Mount Unit (Model: VTP-196420).
  3. Smartphone (For Best results highly recommended using a camera with a Sony sensor).
  4. SnapPea Application  (Transferring videos/photos directly to the computer over LAN).

Note: Mount Unit has a standard 1/4″ Thread that should work with any Standard Tripod.

Vtp196420_portable_mobilephone_cellphone_smartphone_mount_thumb. Jpg


ZOPO 810 Phone Mounted on Tripod

Vtp196420_portable_mobilephone_cellphone_smartphone_with_tripod_thumb. Jpg