FriendlyElec Best Single Board Computers 2021 & Accessories

Friendlyelec best single board computers 2021 and accessories

FriendlyElec Best Single Board Computers 2021 & Accessories you must know about!

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64GB eMMC Module

FriendlyElec offers eMMC modules in size of 16/32 /64GB. If you are using a Mico-SD card to load your SBC operating systems, you might find this option slower compared to storing all data on an eMMC chip that has faster in reading/write speeds and also effects the boot-up process of your SBC.

This eMMC Module is compatible with all FriendlyEelec NanoPC & NanoPi boars equipped with an on-board eMMC socket. It comes with an elbow shape type connector that connects to the SBC eMMC module socket, and we definitely recommend buying this item if you want to maximize your SBC performance!

Compatible with NanoPi M4 / NanoPi NEO4 / NanoPi K1 Plus.

64GB eMMC Module

MicroSD to eMMC Adapter

Designed to work with FriendlyElec eMMC Modules. The idea behind using this type of adapter is mostly to make it more simple for the user to burn data on the eMMC just like burning the system files on a standard Micro-SD Card. Because the eMMC module is also detectable from the SBC socket, you can always switch modules with different operating systems by disconnecting them from the SBC socket, saving you the hassle of burning new images.

64GB eMMC Module

NanoPC T4 Heatsink

The new and improved NanoPC T4 elongated Heatsink design provides a better cooling solution by covering the SBC CPU, Power Management IC (PMIC), RAM, and Realtek audio chip, therefore its highly recommended accessory for T4 SBC owners. The Heatsink package accessories include the following items:

  • 1x Heatsink (With built-in fan unit).
  • 2x Mounting screws
  • 1x thermal pad

NanoPC T4 | OLD Design (Passive Cooling)

Friendlyelec t4fan old

NanoPC T4 | New Design (with a fan)

Friendlyelec t4fan new

NanoPC T4 Heatsink

USB Type-C Power Cable with Power Switch

Not included in FriendlyElec accessories list, but we think It’s a must-have item if you are using SBC / mini-PCs without an on-board power on/off switch. This cable also might be handy for raspberry pi users too.

NanoPi R2S Aluminum Metal Case

For the best passive cooling solution for the NanoPi R2S, SBC FriendlyElec company offer two types of cases. The cheapest one among the two, made from plastic and the latest new one produced by high precision CNC manufacturing process. The metal case material is made from raw aluminium material, designed with excellent craftsmanship.

The case kit includes the two parts of the case along with four Phillips type screws and one thermal pad. Besides, the case doesn’t have any moving parts such as a fan, so it’s we are talking about passive cooling. All of the heat distribution is done through the case envelope.

The Latest NanoPi/PC SBC Series

Model SoC/CPUPrice in USD
(Bare Board)
Product highlights 
NanoPi NEO4RK3399
(6 CPU Cores) 
$50Cost effective!
small form factor (60x45mm)
NanoPC-T4Rockchip RK3399$109.99Lot of interfaces
NanoPI M4 Series$55-70Cost effective!
NanoPI R2S RK3328
(4 CPU Cores) 
$22Dual LAN 1Gb Ports
small form factor
(55.6×52 mm)

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