XIAOMI DAFANG IP Camera Review: 120 Degree WiFi Home Camera


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XIAOMI DAFANG IP Camera is an advanced predecessor to XiaoMi XiaoFang. In this new and advanced model, Xiaomi added new features related to AI capabilities, that incorporates advanced monitoring, tracking, a rotating base, and few other familiar functions already known from previous models, such the night vision function, selection of different alarm scenarios, two-way intercom mode, and more.

Having said that. The XIAOMI DAFANG IP Camera is a cool product that can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s currently on sale for a price of $76.39 (including shipping). For more information you are welcome to visit GearBest store (Link posted below): 

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Review TOC:

  1. Product introduction
  2. Highlights, Specifications, Package Content
  3. Package
  4. Unboxing
  5. Appearance, Design, Build Quality
  6. Operation
  7. Main Features
  8. Final verdict
  9. Pros & Cons
  10. XIAOMI DAFANG IP Review Rating



XIAOMI DAFANG IP Camera Highlights:

  • Microphone – Can pick sounds up to 10M
  • Photos – Can take photographs at 360 degrees or 93 degrees
  • Remotely controlled – using Xiaomi “Mi Home” App ( Apple Store / Google Play )
  • Support OS – Android 4.0 and above, iOS 7.0 and above system devices
  • Night vision – built in 6 pieces of 940nm infrared complimentary light, which
  • IR-cut (Night vision) – support day and night auto switching
  • can restore night vision scene in 18 order grayscale.
  • Intercom – Two-way audio, you can talk to your family when you are not at home
  • Storage – Support Micro-SD Card up to 64GB  & USB Dongle ( not included )
  • Resolution – 1080P FHD 15fps with F 2.3 aperture lens providing a clear image
  • Rotation – 110-degrees rotation, and 98 degrees vertical using the gimbal
  • Lens – 110 degree super wide angle FOV
  • Intelligent detection (AI) – The gimbal will automatically track, watch and monitor home while marking objects in a Green frame mark.
  • Motion and sound detection – Can detect the smoke and CO alarm, send a notification when an alarm is triggered.
  • PIP Mode – narrowing the monitoring scene to a floating window, such as chatting and monitoring together.


XIAOMI DAFANG IP Camera parameters:

  • Name: Xiaomi Dafang Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera
  • Color: White
  • Resolution:1920*1080
  • Lens: F2.3
  • An angle of view:120°
  • LED: 6 LED light 940mm 0.5w
  • Pan/Tilt-Horizontal Angle (degree) : 360 degrees
  • Pan/Tilt-Vertical Angle (degree) : 93 degrees
  • Voice system: Two-way audio
  • Specification of Power Supply: DC 5V 2A
  • Storage: Micro SD card up to 32GB
  • Compatible Operation Systems: Android, IOS
  • Operate Temperature (ºC): 0 – 40 centigrade
  • Working Humidity (%) RH: 90 pct
  • Mobile Access: Android, iOS
  • Dimension & Weight:
  • Units size (main body size): 127.5*60*60(mm)
  • Weight (main unit): 249g


Package Content:

  • 1x  XIAOMI DAFANG IP Camera
  • 1x  Instruction
  • 1x  USB cable
  • 1x  Adapter


XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Package

  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Package Front view
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Package Rear view
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Package Right view
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Package Left view
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Package Top view
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Package Buttom view


XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Unboxing

  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera Unboxing | Full Package view
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera Unboxing | Opened Package view
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera Unboxing | Package view - Left side
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera Unboxing | Package view - Right side


XIAOMI DAFANG Package Content

XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Accessories

  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | USB Power Cable
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Power Adapter (Full view)
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Power Adapter (Side view)
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Power Adapter (Bottom view)
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Power Adapter (Top view)

Main Features

The strongest feature of this camera is probably the rotation option. If we compare to the Xiaomi XiaoFang there are few major differences. This camera is larger in size because it has an internal motor that is responsible for unit movement. Also, it has 6 LED elements for the night vision feature, compared to just one in the XiaoFang model.

As for storage options, they remain the same with a USB port along with Micro SD Card slot. If you need to store captured videos and photos remotely keep in mind that all files will be stored locally, therefore if you don’t insert any media storage you will not be able to save your data and only watch through the camera.


Appearance, Design, Build Quality

The General design and appearance of the XIAOMI DAFANG are of a clean, well design product with the external shape of a Rectangle. The envelope of the camera is made from an ABS plastic material in white color. Camera main eye is located in the upper part of the envelope while the main operating led light indicator and the motion sensor are positioned lower, near to the camera base.


XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Full view

  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Full View
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Side View
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Rear View
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Rear View (Landscape view)
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Side View (Landscape view)
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Top View
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Buttom View

Bottom view

The Base is a round shape with a built-in Micro USB interface to power the unit via 5V 2A power adapter and cable. You also have a screw thread to mount the camera on a standard tripod. When the camera rotates the base of the unit remains stationary. With the base tread, it’s easy to mount the camera in multiple positions and not just vertically, but also horizontally on a wall or other surfaces.


  1. A screw thread (1/4 Inch)
  2. Microphone
  3. Micro SD Card Slot
  4. Setup button
  5. Camera Base

XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Full view

XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Mounted on Tripod

  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Tripod
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Mounted on Tripod - Front view
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Mounted on Tripod - Back view
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Mounted on Tripod (A Closer Look)

Rear View

Looking at the rear side of the unit. You have the speaker slots along with the USB Port. with it you can connect external USB Flash drive and expand storage space. 



First-time Setup

For a first time operation, you will need to install the ‘My Home‘ available in Google Play store and create a ‘Mi Account‘. During the registration process, you will need to select the local: ‘Mainland China‘. After, as a final step in establishing a link between the camera and the mobile phone by pressing and holding the setup button for a few secondsThen, right after positioning the phone with the QR Code facing the camera until you hear a verbal message in the Chinese language, notifying the camera as recognized and devices are basically successfully paired together.


Degrees of Movement

As mentioned in the product highlights list this camera is capable of rotating at 360 degrees and also move vertically at an angle of 93 degrees. To control the camera remotely you need to install ‘My Home’ App that operates all Xiaomi’s smart product lines. Inside the App, you have a user-friendly the navigation well to adjust all camera movements.


Software features

The ‘My Home’ is an advanced app that controls all of the camera’s functions remotely through a WiFi or mobile data connection (3G/4G) via SIM card. You can take stills photos and record videos. Pinch the picture to zoom viewed object, set time-lapse to automatically capture photos in a specific time and dates, adjust camera view window in different sizes, set the camera to night vision, create fast desktop shortcuts for different Xiaomi devices, control the camera speaker and microphone and many more useful features.

XIAOMI DAFANG | Mi Home App (Android)

  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | App Settings
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | Main Screen
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | Motion Detection enabled
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | Main Functions
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | Quality Settings
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | Camera Settings
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | General Settings
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | Automation
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | Storage Managment
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | Timelapse Settings 1 of 2
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | Timelapse Settings 2 of 2
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Mi Home App | OTA Firmware Updating Feature

Intelligent detection

Preps the most used features, especially design for surveillance and security purposes. Once you enable the ‘Motion Alarm’ along with the ‘moving tracking’ the camera can operate independently and automatically track any events with movement and record them in short videos under ‘Motion Alarm’ along with time and date. Also important to mention that when only ‘Motion Alarm’ is enabled the camera will still operate, but it will not rotate and follow the movements of objects.


Image quality

XIAOMI DAFANG Camera uses a 1.0MP 15fps sensor to capture videos and take stills photos in reasonably good image quality. The 15fps is normally enough for surveillance/security camera monitoring applications as objects are not moving at very high speeds so a higher frame rate is not a necessity.


Adjusting Image Quality

‘Mi Home’ App offer two types of settings. ‘Low’ and ‘High’. Based on my checks switching between them didn’t seem to have a big impact in terms of image quality. The video files are recorded in a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels at 14 fps, stored in locally on a Micro Sd card or USB flash drive in MP4 format. 


Video Record Test

In this test, I wanted to check how much space each video file will occupy in different quality settings. So for this purpose, I placed a stationary object in front of the camera and recorded two videos, one in low and other in high quality for 1:01 min.

DAFANG IP Camera | Video Recording 

  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Quality Settings
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Video Test - Quality vs. Low
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Saved Files Display

Night Vision (IR Mode)

Thanks to the 6 elements IR sensors located on both sides of the camera lens, in low light conditions, including complete dark environment the camera performed well producing good quality pictures.

XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Night Vision Mode

  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | IR elements
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Night vision
  • XIAOMI DAFANG Camera | Night vision - Lanscape view

Intercom Mode

In addition to video recording and taking stills photos, you can use the camera as a remote intercom system to communicate with people remotely via voice. The camera comes with a built-in speaker that according to my personal checks was very loud. To speak trough camera the other person holding the phone will need to enable the microphone function.  To listen to the other side you will also need to enable the speaker function.


Final verdict

Excellent product with good quality, packed with many advanced useful features. an ideal IP camera for home and office applications. The downside is that it doesn’t have PC software support and files are stored locally and not stored on a server. But despite that,  it’s worth the low price of $27.70 (including shipping). That being said, you can find it in GearBest Store Here.



Pros & Cons



  • Low Price
  • Rotating Base
  • Lots of cool features
  • Good Build quality
  • Great Design



  • No PC Software support
  • No option to save files remotely to the cloud

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