Golden Frog VyprVPN VPN Service Review


Service Introduction

Giganews partnered with Golden Frog to bring customers the extra benefits of adding VPN and Online storage to their accounts, providing bundled packages for consumers and business. Since I am listed on both companies Affiliates programs this review will focus on Golden Frog VPN Service plan called: ‘vyprvpn premium‘ bundled with a nice selection of features. Golden Frog’s VyprVPN plans offer lots of software support, documentation, and high-level encryption. Their Chameleon technology uses unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol, which scrambles the metadata to prevent DPI, VPN is blocking and throttling, very useful option to use in countries with “high-level censorship”.

VyprVPN  Plans:

  1. vyprvpn
  2. vyprvpn premium


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Golden frog Control Panel

Control panel gives the user total control of all aspects of packages with maximum comfort. You have all the necessary tools needed for downloading software clients, monitoring package usage, Support, documentation, Account settings, Package Upgrade options and more.


Under “Account” you have the option to upgrade or degrade service elements included in the plan.


vyprvpn premium

Main Features:

  • VPN Protocol : PPTP, L2TP/IPsec & OpenVPN
  • One-Click Connect Software Client.
  • NAT Firewall Support For Additional Security.
  • Chameleon (Based OpenVPN 256-bit protocol).
  • Software Support: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (iPad).


VyprVPN for Windows

  • Server Locations – Currently, there are 44+ available server locations.
  • Software Client – Based on OpenVPN Protocol with 256-bit Encryption.




Clicking the upper right speedometer icon performs a series of ping tests to all locations.


VyprVPN for Android       

(Orientation: Landscape View on 10″ Tablet PC )       

When Software is in idle mode, meaning not connected to any server you will see Country Code in red color specifying current geographic location along with device public IP Address.


Connecting to Server

After connection to the server is made, the client automatically switches color to brown with related country code. For example “SUI” is for Server located in Switzerland (shown in the screenshot below) Additional connection info can be found in “Connection Log” Screen.


Performance Tests:

  • Country Origin: Israel.
  • ISP: Bezeq International.
  • Connection Type: Cable.
  • Broadband Package: 100Mb/2Mb
  • Measuring website:


Test  #1

  • Server Location: Denmark
  • Time difference between tests: 2 Min
  • Transfer Speed measured without VPN: 26.7 Kbps
  • Transfer Speed measured with VPN: 18.2 Kbps
  • Client Type: VyprVPN for Windows (Ver
  • OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit
  • Protocol : L2TP/IPsec – 256 bit
  • Ping: 71 ms




    Test #2

  • Server Location: Spain
  • Time difference between tests: 1 Min
  • Transfer Speed measured without VPN: 31.7 Kbps
  • Transfer Speed measured with VPN: 23.4 Kbps
  • Client Type: VyprVPN for Windows (Ver
  • OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit
  • Protocol: PPTP – 128 bit
  • Ping: 71 ms




    Test  #3

  • Server Location: Turkey
  • Time difference between tests : 3 Min
  • Transfer Speed measured without VPN: 47.5 Kbps
  • Transfer Speed measured with VPN: 6.7 Kbps
  • Client Type: VyprVPN for Windows (Ver
  • OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit
  • Protocol: Chameleon
  • Ping: 72 ms




   Final Words

  • Test results may vary according to following conditions: Server Loads, ISP etc.
  • Switching between VPN Servers worked fast and smooth.
  • General results were very good. I did experience slowness using Chameleon protocol, My guess is that it’s maybe related to ISP throttling or routing issues.

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