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Oukitel K6000 Plus Review: Unlimited Battery Life and Power

OUKITEL K6000 Plus
Written by androidpimp

Oukitel K6000 Plus Review | Product Summary

Oukitel K6000 Plus Review will focus on the latest model designed by Shenzhen Yunji Intelligent Technology Co,.Ltd K6000 Pro predecessor. This device is equipped with improved specifications. It comes with a five-point 5.5 Inch FHD LTPS touch screen, MTK6750T Octa-core, Mali-T860 MP2 GPU, Special Hi-Fi Sound AW8736 chip, rear 16MP camera + Front 8MP Cameras, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, Fingerprint Recognition sensor embedded inside the home button, and also a monstrous 6080mAh Li-Polymer battery that supports MediaTek Pump Express Flash Charge technology, capable of charging the battery in only 1 hour and 40 minutes.

This fresh model runs under Android 7.0 Nougat OS that comes with a lot of new interesting software features compared to the previous Android 6.0 OS. That said, for more details about the products you are welcome to visit TinyDeal Website links posted below:

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Review


OUKITEL K6000 Plus Review – TOC

  • Product Introduction & Highlights
  • Video Review
  • Package
  • unboxing
  • Appearance
  • Appearance, Design, Build Quality
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • WiFi, Sound, Microphone, GPS, Sensors, Screen, Cameras, Battery.
  •  Benchmark.
  • Final Words
  • Pros & Cons
  • Overall Rating


Product Highlights:

  • Operating System – Android 7.0 Nougat
  • CPU – Octa-Core 4×1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 + 4×1.0 GHz ARM Cortex-A53
  • GPU – ARM Mali-T860 MP2, 680 MHz
  • Type-C USB v2.0 Port
  • SIM – Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano + Nano/micro-SD)
  • Display – Screen size 5.5 inches FHD Display (1080×1920 Pixels)
  • Battery – Non-Removable 6,080 mAh Lithium-Polymer
  • MediaTek Pump Express Fast Charging Technology
  • Memory – RAM- 4GB + ROM 64GB
  • Cameras -16 Megapixels with Dual-LED and AF Rear + 8 Megapixel Front
  • Sensors – Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient Light, Fingerprint.


(Full Specs Sheet)

Model:OUKITEL K6000 Plus
Color:Grey / Gold
Storage:256GB Extendable, TF card not included
4G:FDD-LTE Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 3 (1800MHz), Band 7 (2600MHz), Band 8 (900MHz), Band 20 (800MHz)
3G:WCDMA Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 8 (900MHz)
2G:GSM Band 2 (1900MHz), Band 3 (1800MHz), Band 5 (850MHz), Band 8 (900MHz)
Standby:2 SIM 2 Standby
SIM Card:Nano SIM Card
Data Transfer:LTE, HSPA+, HSPA, EDGE, GPRS
Screen Type:1080P, FHD, 2.5D Screen, G+F+F
Screen Resolution:1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen Material:LTPS
Multi-touch:Five Point Multi-touch
Screen Lock:Fingerprint Recognition
Battery:6080mAh, Built-in, Lithium Polymer, 12V/2A Flash Charge
Unlocked:Yes (without contract)
Back Camera:16MP, f/2.0
Front Camera:8.0 MP, f/2.0
Camera Functions:PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus), Anti-shake, Filters, HDR, LED Flash, Panorama, Picture in Picture Mode, Selfie, Geo-tagging, Face Recognition, Zero Shutter Lag, Facial Beautification
Sensor:Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Acceleration Sensor
WiFi:802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz Band, WiFi Hotspot
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 4.0
Ports:1 x Nano SIM Card Slot, 1 x TF Card/Nano SIM Card Slot, Micro USB, 3.5mm Audio Jack
Package Contents:
  • 1 x OUKITEL K6000 Plus
  • 1 x Battery (6080mAh Built-in)
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Transparent Silicone Case
  • 1 x Screen Protector
  • 1 x Micro USB OTG Adapter
  • 1 x Eject Pin
  • 1 x User Manual


  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Package 1
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Package 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Package 3
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Package 4
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Package 5
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Package 6
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Package 7


      Unboxing The Phone & Accessories  

  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Unboxing 1
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Unboxing 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Unboxing 3
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Unboxing 4
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Unboxing 5
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Unboxing 6


Package Items:

  • 1 x OUKITEL K6000 Plus
  • 1 x Battery (6080mAh Built-in)
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Fast Charger 5V/7V/9V/ 12V – 2A
  • 1 x Transparent Silicone Case
  • 1 x Screen Protector
  • 1 x Micro USB OTG Adapter
  • 1 x Eject Pin

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Items

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Accessories 

  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Accessories 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Accessories 3
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Accessories 4
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Accessories 1
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Accessories 5
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Accessories 6
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Accessories 7
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Accessories 8


OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Appearance, Design, Build Quality

The first impression from phone general shape and appearance were nothing but excellent with a metal frame and external design similar to the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro phone. We are talking about a completely different phone based on the new 64-bit Mediatek MTK6750T Octa-core Processor, which is considered to be a mid-level type, suitable for average and above everyday usage.

In this new model OUKITEL embedded the fingerprint sensor inside the home button instead of in the back of the device, what makes it a lot easier and accessible to operate. Very Similar to Samsung phone design, This device comes with both illuminated keys and also virtual type (software), what as a user I personally like and prefer. Another positive aspect of this phone is the speaker grill located on the side of the device, and not on the back so when you put it on a surface, such as a table the sounds coming out of the speaker are not “interfering” by objects. And one last feature worth mentioning is the LED notification light that also works well and turns when someone sends you an email, IM, Missed Call, etc.

OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Full View

  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 1
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 3
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 4
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 5
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 6
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 7
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 8
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 9
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 10
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Smartphone 11


OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Hardware

This phone is powered with Mediatek MTK6750T Octa-core Processor, operating in clock frequency of 286- 1500MHz equipped with an ARM Mali-T860 MP2 GPU that should provide decent gaming performance for most hobbyists. It comes with 4GB of RAM along with 64GB EMMC Flash. Specifications that are almost identical as the ZTE Blade A2 Plus, but with additional 1GB of RAM and double the internal storage space. AnTuTu benchmark scores, results of the two devices were very close.

ZTE Blade A2 Plus vs OUKITEL K6000 Plus | AnuTuTu Benchmarks

ZTE Blade A2 Plus Vs K6000 Plus

OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Software

The phone is Android Nougat 7.0 OS (64-bit) powered. It has a lot of new useful features built inside of it, among of them is the ‘Eye protection‘ that lets you adjust the screen brightness to warm yellow color and minimize eye damage when looking at the screen in low light-dark environments. Another useful one is the ‘ScreenRecord‘ function that lets you capture and save all screen activities as a video file.

Android 7 Settings

  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Phone status 1
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Android 7 Phone status - 1 of 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Phone status 2
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Android 7 Phone status - 2 of 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 01
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Android 7 Wireless Settings
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 02
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Android 7 Device Settings
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 03
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Android 7 Device System
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 04
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Smart Assistance
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 05
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Android 7 System Settings
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Display Settings
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Android 7 Display Settings
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus System Manager
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Android 7 System Manager
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Quick Setting
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Quick Settings


 Android 7 UI


  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 01
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Phone Call Dialer
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 02
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Main Screen
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 03
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Main Screen with Float getsture enabled
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 04
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Apps Screen 1 of 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Android 7 05
    OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Apps Screen 2 of 2


OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Features

  1. WiFi – Worker well without any problems.
  2. Sound – Reasonable Sound quality with average volume level in terms of loudness.
  3. Microphone – Preformed averagely.
  4. GPS – Although performed well with an accuracy of to 1-2 meters, I had somewhere half mixed success and had to use a 3G/4G connection to get better Accuracy and precision during navigation. This problem is very noticeable when trying to navigate in offline mode when you are solely depending on the GPS signal. That being said, From my testes using ‘Here Maps’ and ‘Google Maps’ in offline mode without any internet connection the orientation of the maps during navigation was not great and sometimes didn’t rotate the map properly according to my walk direction because the device is missing a Compass sensor. Navigation with Waze software was the only App that did work well and precise.

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Testing GPS


The Phone comes with four types of sensors: Accelerometer, Light, Proximity, and a fingerprint sensor embedded inside the home button. And now for the less positive things about this phone. For some reason, OKITEL didn’t add a Gyroscope and manometer (Compass) sensors. Without the compass you will not be able to use the phone for as type of digital composes for outdoors navigation and when using the GPS in offline without internet connection it will affect the orientation of the maps and will be less precise.

Most users will not use the Gyroscope sensor, that measures the rate of rotation around the x,y, and z-axis and has few applications, but not commonly used and needed as the Compass sensor.

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Sensors


Maybe one of the main highlights of this phone. OUKITEL used an excellent FHD 5.5 inch 5 point touch screen that displays images very sharp and provides good brightness. When you first start to use the phone can feel the high responsiveness of the screen just by touch which greatly affects the user experience when performing basic tasks such as surfing websites, typing, chatting with IM Apps and so forth.

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Screen

  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Touchscreen 1
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Touchscreen 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Touchscreen 4
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus Touchscreen 3



In optimal light conditions, the rear 16MP and front 8MP cameras performed reasonably well with fast auto-focus, responsiveness, producing slightly above average quality pictures. The flashlight wasn’t bright as I initially thought, but after more testing, it performed pretty well under competently dark environments.

Indoors Photos  (16MP Camera)

Outdoors (16MP Camera)


You can charge the built non-removable 6,080 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery very fast using provided charger. Based on MediaTek Pump Express technology providing a maximum current of 2A, wherein standard conventional chargers the maximum current range is normally between 1A-1.7A.

Screen on time

With the screen brightness set manually to %48 and remaining %20 of battery work time, I managed to get 5h:54m of on-screen on time in moderate use. During this time, the phone was partially in standby mode and later used for some web-surfing, running YouTube and WeChat, including some GPS navigation Apps testing.

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Screen Time

Testing Charging Time

After completely discharging the phone battery I connected the charger trough USB Voltage / Current Meter Tester and simply used a stopwatch application installed in another phone to measure charging time until it exactly reached 1 hour: 40m. According to my results, I can confirm that the battery was fully charged to %100 with a voltage ranging between ~9.80-9.88V and a current of 1.95 Amps as specified by the company advertisement.


 OUKITEL K6000 Plus Review – Charging Test

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Charging

 OUKITEL K6000 Plus Review –  Test Result After 1 Hour: 40 m

OUKITEL K6000 Plus Charging Result

 OUKITEL K6000 Plus | Benchmark


  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus AnTuTu Result 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus AnTuTu Result 1
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus AnTuTu Result 3
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus AnTuTu Result 4
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus AnTuTu 1
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus AnTuTu 2
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus AnTuTu 3
  • OUKITEL K6000 Plus AnTuTu 4


Final Words

For a mid-level smartphone, the OUKITEL K6000 Plus provides good features and great build quality. The Phone main highlights are definitely the excellent 5.5″ touch screen and it’s massive 6080mAh battery that can last about ~1-1.5 days (depending on usage type).

The main disadvantage of this phone is the lack of a Compass sensor that damage GPS navigation experience unless you will use an internet connection to improve navigation accuracy. If you are not willing to compromise on this important feature that is needed for map rotation during navigation, then I recommend that you consider buying a better brand in the same price range with fewer problems.


Pros & Cons



  • High-quality touchscreen
  • High Capacity Battery
  • Excellent build quality
  • Excellent Design



  • No Gyroscope Sensor
  • No Magnetometer (Compass) Sensor

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