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VyprVPN Service provider with no-log VPN Policy

VyprVPN this week announced that they are the first VPN provider publicly audited as a no-log VPN service. The independent audit was carried out by the Leviathan Security Group. This means that Giganews customers that have Diamond or Platinum accounts can now use VyprVPN safe in the knowledge that no logs are kept. VyprVPN is now officially a No Log VPN for all platforms, and updates for Windows, Mac, and Android apps have already been released, with iOS following shortly. You can see more information about VyprVPN’s move to No-Logs.


What the company previously logged and retained for 30 days:

Customer’s source IP address (generally the IP address assigned by the customer’s ISP)
VyprVPN’s IP address assigned to the user
Connection start and end times
Total number of bytes used
What they keep now is.. Nothing!

In addition to current news announcement and for general information, VyprVPN is a popular VPN which is based on privacy-friendly Switzerland and comes from the same stable of companies as US ISP Texas.net, Data Foundry, and top Usenet provider Giganews. VyprVPN service already covers Windows, Mac, and Android apps, including iOS. The service has a large network with 700+ servers in more than 70 locations. Even better, these are all owned and managed by the company, allowing VyprVPN to claim it ‘operates 100% without third parties.

VyprVPN VPN Service Provider - Latest Breaking News & Updates! 1

Now is Moving to One Plan!

VyprVPN now offers one single plan, This plan offers all the needed functionality, the apps, and all the locations, and supports up to five simultaneous connections, VyprCloud Access, and chameleon technology that makes it more likely that you’ll bypass VPN detection and get connected, even in countries which actively try to block VPNs. Experts also get support for VyprVPN Cloud, a VPN server deployment solution. Here is a sneak preview into our updated pricing model:

  • Premium Plan (5 Connections, Chameleon, and VyprCloud Access)
  • Pricing will be modified, with the inclusion of a 2 Year Plan!
  • Pricing Model:- Monthly: $11.95 Per/Month
    1 Year: $69.95 Per/Year
  • 2 Years: $89.95 Per/2 Years ($3.75 Per/Month!)


Want to try VyprVPN? Check out the website:

Click Here!

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