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8bitdo game wireless controller
8Bitdo Game Wireless Controller

8Bitdo Game controller | Product Preview

8Bitdo Game controllers are designed to be as versatile as possible with compatibility with most mobile devices. This game controller can easily pair with a controller with an X-input or D-input device via Bluetooth. With it, you can transfer your mobile phone to a portable gaming machine.

The 8Bitdo Game controller is suitable for use with many known mobile phone brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, and OPPO. The 8Bitdo is available in two variants: SN30 Pro controller that includes the X Mecha Stretch-fixing Game Handle Holder, which lets you mount your mobile phone, and a cheaper that does not include the mounting holder called: SF30 Pro. Both models comes an internal none rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged via USB-Type C Cable also provided in the package.

This game controller can theoretically be used along with Android Set-top boxes, but I can’t fully confirm unless tested. One thing I can say for sure and that the product is a definitely cool and practical gadget for gamers that like to use their phone with a retro-style design game controller, instead of using the phone touchscreen that is normally less comfortable in a user standpoint. That being said, for more information about both 8Bitdo products you are welcome to check TOMTOP Store links posted below:

Buy The SN30 Pro controller – US$ 49.99

SF30 / SN30 Pro Game Controller

8bitdo games wireless controller

SF30 Pro Game Controller Features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth and direct USB connectable built-in lithium-ion battery.
  • Support Wireless Bluetooth 4.0, Rumble vibration, Motion controls, USB Type-C.
    Rumble vibration, Motion controls, USB Type-C.
  • D-Input and X-Input functionality.
  • Slim portable design, light size.


SF30 Pro controller Specifications:

  • Material: plastic
  • Battery: built-in li-on battery
  • Item size: 13.2 * 6.4 * 1.5cm / 5.2 * 2.5 * 0.6in
  • Item weight: 241G / 8.5oz
  • Package size: 16 * 10 * 5cm / 6.3 * 3.9 * 2.0in
  • Package weight: 271g / 9.6oz


Package list:

  • 1 * SF30 Pro controller
  • 1 * USB cable
  • 1 * User manual


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