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Raspberry Pi Power Switch Expension Module

52PI Raspberry Pi Power Switch

Product Introduction As everyone at some point recognize that the Raspberry Pi downside is the fact that it’s missing any kind of a power button. The only way to power the Raspberry board off is by unplugging it from the power supply. What can sometimes corrupt data stored on the SD card …

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Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 7 Port Self Powered USB Hub

Raspberry Pi USB Charging HUB

Product Summery 52Pi is a Raspberry Pi kit supplier, specialize in designing of modules and special expansion cards for the Pi board Series. Their New USB Power Supply Hub Expansion Card product that is an All in one hardware solution for existing Raspberry Pi boards. With it the user can add four USB Hosts …

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Raspberry Pi 3 Board Alternative: Banana Pi BPI-M64

Product Introduction: Banana PI BPI-M64 is an open source hardware platform similar to the popular Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer. It’s hardware is based on Allwinner A64 Soc Solution, powered with a 64 bit A64 Allwinner quad-core Processor running at clock speeds of 1.2 GHz. it comes with on-board WiFi+Bluetooth module, equipped with 2GB …

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Raspberry Pi 3 Single Board Computer Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 Development Kit

Review Content & Focus: Company Introduction Product Introduction Product Overview video Specifications, Package Content Optional Accessories Full Package view Unboxing the Board A Closer Look at the Board (Hardware platform) Final Verdict   Company Introduction 52pi (52pi Technology Co., Ltd) is a high-level open source provider and design company that offers All-in-one market …

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Orange Pi Plus2 SET5 Development Kit: Raspberry Pi 3 Alternative

Orange pi plus2 Single Board Computer

Product Introduction: Following the launch of the Orange Pi Plus2 single board computer. Shenzhen Xunlong company released the SET5 kit package containing three main items. The Orange Pi Plus2 board, 5V/2A DC Power Supply Unit and a high quality transparent acrylic case. The Pi Plus2 Board comes with good hardware specifications and software support, based …

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