DroidBOX T8-S Kodi TV Box Review

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Product Introduction

The DroidBox T8-S Kodi TV Box from XBMC Solutions LTD offers a specially tailored bundle for XBMC/Kodi Fans that include a all  main popular Addons pre-installed, including a special customized build developed by the company, making Kodi Media Player software more user friendly and easy to configure.In addition, Company offers extensive customer support though their website and forums for users that are not familiar with Kodi settings or product operation.

That being said, The T8-S supports Dual Boot for Android and OpenELEC operating systems and has a special embedded bay for Hard Drive (max height 9.5 mm). The T8-S specifications include Amlogic S802 Quad Core Processor with a Mali Octa Core 450 GPU, External WiFi antenna for best streaming experience. Its equipped with 2GB RAM and 8GB internal Flash and currently runs Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, Later will be updated to Android 5.1 lollipop.

Looking back at product main highlight, The Internal Hard-drive Bay feature comes very useful for people that need additional local storage space for multimedia content. Maximum supported storage space is 1TB, But company also provides 160GB including 750GB Drives according to customer requirements, What ultimately makes this product a complete media player solution.


Product  review will be focusing on the followings:

  1. Product Intro.
  2. General Product info & Specs.
  3. Videos: Unpacking, Quick Product Intro.
  4. Items in package.
  5. Design & Quality.
  6. Performance.
  7. System.
  8. Final Words.


Main Highlight:

  • Model : DroidBOX T8-S
  • OctaCore Mali450 High Performance 3D GPU
  • Amlogic S802 Quad Core 2.0 Ghz Cortex A9 Neon CPU
  • 2GB RAM (DDR3)
  • 8GB Internal Storage.
  • USB Storage Extendable (Flash Drives/HDD)
  • MicroSD Storage Extendable (Up to 32GB!)
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet LAN.
  • 802.11b/g/n 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band WiFi with external antenna
  • HDMI v1.4b 4K Output
  • 2.5′ Inch SATA HDD BAY (max height 9.5mm)
  • Metal Casing Made from Aluminium.


Software Highlights:

  • Dual Boot: Android /OpenELEC.
  • NAS Server Feature.
  • Torrnet Seeding Feature.
  • Comes Pre-Installed with XBMC / Kodi 14.2 Helix (With Addons).
  • Special XBMC/Kodi Installation Wizard for easy setup.


DroidBOX_T8_ Android_TV_Box_View

T8-S Unpacking

T8-S Quick Product Intro

Items in package:

  • 1x DroidBOX T8-S TV Box.
  • 1x IR Remote Control Unit.
  • 1x 5V – 3000mAh Power Adapter (UK Plug)
  • 1x UK Plug to EU Converter (Optional but not included).
  • 1 x HDMI 1.4 Cable.
  • 1 x User Guide.
  • 1 x Mini Wireless Keyboard (Optional – Not included in package).
  • 1 x Pre-Installed 160 GB Internal SATA 2.0 Drive (Optional – Not included in package).


Design & Quality:

The T8S case is completely made from metal materials and not from plastic. Design in general is superb. Maybe the best one I have seen yet. On the front panel there is an OFF/ON power button along with an LED Display showing the current time and device operation status. In addition, designer of the Box added a series of venting slots in the back, sides, including the bottom, giving proper cooling to the PCB assembled inside the Box.

  • DroidBOX TV Box | TOP View
  • DroidBOX TV Box | Full View
  • DroidBOX TV Box | Front View
  • DroidBOX TV Box | Back View
  • DroidBOX TV Box| Right View
  • DroidBOX TV Box | Buttom View
  • DroidBOX TV Box | Bottom View (Open Hard drive Bay).

DroidBOX T8-S Hard Drive Bay

  • DroidBOX Internal Hard Drive Bay | Back View
  • DroidBOX Internal Hard Drive Bay | Hard Drive View
  • DroidBOX Internal Hard Drive Bay | All Parts Including Cover

Performance & Benchmark

DroidBOX T8-S AnTuTu Benchmark Tests Report



The DroidBOX T8-S Comes pre-rooted Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS with a Standard UI you will likely find in most Amlogic Based Set-Top Boxes. From my first personal impression system is stable and Everything works very smoothly.


Testing XBMC/Kodi Playback Support:

  • Kodi Build 14.2
  • Test Type: Visual for checking playback issues such as Lags, Picture Freezes etc.
  • Media Container Storage: External SATA 2.0 Hard Drive Connected via USB interface.



Results :

All My 1080P Samples played without 0 problems. From my total 54 sample collection of 2K, 4K videos, maybe 5 files didn’t play correctly and had various problems including sudden freezes or Lags during playback. For an Amlogic Hardware, device preformed well as expected playing a wide selection of video formats such as MKV, MP4, ISO files up to 34GB in size.


DroidBox Wizared

The T8-S comes with a special installation wizard called: “DroidBOX Wizard” that is basically a Kodi Add-on that lets users manage and install all popular Add-on, Plugins, Skins in a simple and user friendly way, without complications or need to search or install special repositories. To make use of this special Add-on company provides every customer with a special password and a username and after entering them in required files your ready to go.


How to install Transmission torrent on DroidBOX T8-S OpenELEC and control it from PC or Android

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhWkzOP8aSs[/embedyt]


Although the T8-S hardware is based on Amlogic S802 Soc solution and the latest one is S812. After comparing and checking  performance under AnTuTu benchmark software The T8-S preformed almost exactly the  same as other devices based on the newer Amlogic S812 Chipset.

The main difference between older S802 and newer S812 solution is that the S812 comes with a faster 1000 Mbit/s Ethernet port and processor has built in H.265 hardware decoding support. The average home user will probably will not make use of the high speed LAN port unless he has a 1 Gigabit LAN at Home/Office or ISP provide 1 Gigabit Internet connection, Therefore in a practical level, it doesn’t matter much. As for H.265 decoding support from my few tests it played well some of my video files played under Kodi/XBMC Media player environment, but don’t expect all files to play smooth without a true built in hardware decoding support.

Comparing Performance Results : S812 Vs. S802 Soc Solutions


UI (User Interface)

UI is very user friendly with a Windows Tiles Design.The company added a nice collection of handy Applications, mostly for watching online streaming content that you can find in the partial list shown bellow.

  1. Switch 2 OpenELEC – Apps for Switching into OpenELEC OS ( Special Linux Build for Kodi media player ).
  2. Ace Player – Live Streaming Player.
  3. Super SU – Root Access.
  4. Netflix  VOD Content.
  5. TED
  6. Hola – Free VPN App.
  7. Quickoffice
  8. FilemOn LIVE TV – Live Streaming.
  9. Flix Universe – Live Streaming.
  10. Bionic TCP – Tweaking OS TCP Stacks.
  11. Recovery Reboot.
  12. MX Player – Multimedia Player.
  13. Kodi 4 DroidBox –  Kodi 14.2.
  14. DBMC – spmc 15.0 / Kodi Fork Build.


  • DroidBOX Kodi XBMC TV Box UI | Main Screen
  • DroidBOX Kodi XBMC TV Box UI | Apps Screen
  • DroidBOX Kodi XBMC TV Box UI | Network Settings
  • DroidBOX Kodi XBMC TV Box UI | Display Settings
  • DroidBOX Kodi XBMC TV Box UI | Advanced Settings
  • DroidBOX Kodi XBMC TV Box UI | Other

Final Words:

The T8-S is a very well designed Android Set-Top TV Box with superb build quality. Although it’s not based on the latest Amlogic S812 Soc Solution and lack few newer features it works fast and stable.

The company offers frequent software updates including good forum support to Kodi fans, includingnewbies that are not very familiar with the platform.OpenELEC along with the internal storage Bay feature are also a big plus, especially for heavy users that consume great amount of multimedia content on a daily/monthly basis. For further information / questions you’re welcome to visit DroidBOX product website at  http://droidbox.co.uk.



  • Great Design.
  • Great Build Quality.
  • Internal SATA Drive Bay.
  • Dual Boot Feature : OpenELEC / Android 4.4 kitkat.
  • Great Kodi/XBMC Software Support.
  • Has External WiFi Antenna.
  • Supports most video formats : MKV, ISO, MP4 .
  • Plays 2K/4k videos very well.



  • Hardware is not the latest one ( S802 Solution)
  • 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port.
  • No H.265 Hardware Decoding Support.


Company Support Forum: http://droidboxforums.com/

Company Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/TheDroidBOX



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