Rikomagic MK36 Mini PC TV Box Review

Rikomagic mk36 intel mini pc tv box
Rikomagic MK36 Intel Mini PC TV Box

Rikomagic MK36

Rikomagic Latest MK36 Windows TV Box is powered with the newest Intel Soc Offers somewhere better specs compared to few competitors in the market, including the Minix NEO Z64 that’s equipped with Intel’s Z3735F Processor. The MK36 hardware specs are newer, Based on Intel’s Atom 3736F CPU is running at much higher clock speeds up to 2.16 GHz.

In addition to the more advanced CPU advantage, the MK36 supports OS Switching between Android KitKat and Windows 8.1 systems. This nice feature offers the users the flexibility to switch into the Windows environment and install Microsoft games, Applications, Run Microsoft Office 360 cloud service, and so forth. The following review will be focusing on product performance under Windows 8.1 Operating system environment.

Product  review TOC:

  1. Product Introduction.
  2. General Product info & Specs.
  3. Videos: Unpacking, Quick Intro into Android/Windows 8.1 OS.
  4. Items in the package.
  5. Design & Quality.
  6. Performance.
  7. System.
  8. Final Words.

Main Features :

  • Model: Rikomagic MK36
  • CPU: Intel Baytrail-T CR (Quad-core ) 1.33GHz-2.16GHz Intel Z3736F(64bit)
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphic(Gen7).
  • Dual OS: Switching between Android 4.4 / Windows 8.1.
  • RAM: 2GB RAM.
  • ROM: 32GB ROM eMMC.

Rikomagic MK36 Specs Sheet

Rikomagic mk36 mini pc powered by intel specs sheet

Rikomagic mk36 mini pc full box view

Unpacking View

Quick Intro


Rikomagic mk36 mini pc windows tv box package

Items Inside Package:

  1. 1x MK36 Windows TV Box.
  2. 1x User Guide.
  3. 1x 12V-2A Power Supply Unit.
  4. 1x HDMI Cable.




Design & Quality:

From first impression design and quality are superb. It would be much nicer if the Power ON/OFF Button would be located on the front side instead of on the right side.

  • Envelope: The case envelope is made from ABS Plastic with 45 degrees venting slots at the upper part for getting the extra heat out.
  • Bottom (Base): This part is made from Sheet metal. If you look closely you will notice the company also added many venting holes for cooling the unit.



Windows 8.1

The MK36 works well under Windows 8.1 OS. I have managed to play with the system, install Open office, and few other applications and they all worked fine. XBMC/Kodi 14.2 for windows performed almost flawlessly playing most of my “lightweight” and “heavy” video samples.

CPU-Z Information


DBC Task Manager – CPU Resources


DBC Task Manager – Memory Resources


Disktective – Disk Space Information

Free Available Space: 11, 481 Mb (~11.5GB)


SiSoftware Sandra Lite Edition – Display / Video Adapter Info  


AnTuTu Benchmark ( Android 4.4.4 OS)


XBMC/Kodi Support:

It looks like that the Combination of Intel hardware with Kodi provides the best playback support, maybe better than under the Android OS environment. For video playback tests I used my personal 60 GB video collection containing high bit-rate video samples at resolutions of 2K, 4K, 1080P with few additional very high bit-rate files sampled at ~88 Mb/s. Results were great, Most files played smoothly without any lags or picture freezes, what I normally see when playing video files under Android OS with ARM Hardware. The only files I did have problems or sudden freezes wherein 1080P video files encoded in HEVC/H.265. Buying a special codec for windows may be the best solution and requires further checking.


Dual Operating System Feature is available in two ways:

  • OS Selection in device Booting: When the device boots user gets a special UI for selecting the preferred OS: Android 4.4 or Windows 8.1.
  • “WinToAnd” – Special Application installed in Windows 8.1 OS for Switching into Android OS.


  • “OS Switch” Option – Switching into Windows within the Android 4.4.4 OS environment.


Hardware Compatibility / Support:

Windows 8.1 main strength is in providing max compatibility with Microsoft certified hardware. For my simple test, I have connected my Logitech QuickCam Pro 900 web camera that always fails to work with all Android Boxes. In my experience Android OS is much complicated on the driver level, therefore most cameras not supported, but Windows 8.1 successfully recognized it without any problems.

Final Words:

Normally I am not a fan of Intel hardware, but Kodi performed extremely well playing almost all of my samples. If we are talking about a “Real” Mini PC product experience It could be nice if Rikomagic added a VGA Port for the connecting device directly to a computer monitor. That being said the MK36 performed well on all levels, including the nice dual-OS feature.


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