Best VPN For China 2021: The Cheapest VPN Service!

Ivacy vpn china
Ivacy vpn china

Best VPN For China 2021 | Ivacy VPN

Internet penetration around the world has grown to almost 57% but despite extensive usage, it is still heavily regulated in some places across the world. China is one of the countries where the networks are strictly monitored by the government for a variety of reasons. This why people trying to access websites from within China or residents traveling outside the country needs to rely on a VPN to get access to the content that they need. 

The People’s Republic of China has one of the most censored internets anywhere in the world. According to CNN, China’s internet censorship is more advanced and widespread than any other country in the world. Mainstream social media apps like YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook are not accessible inside China. Moreover, Chinese websites and even entertainment related content can’t be accessed from outside the country even if you are a tourist or a business person who is traveling abroad. 

The internet in China is constantly under observation which means a conventional VPN and its IP addresses can quickly be picked up and blocked. This is why the best VPN for the country needs to have servers in countries like Hong Kong which are Chinese territories but relatively less stringent when it comes to network connections. Other standard features of a VPN including encryption protocols and a strict zero-logging policy are also crucial because countries like China face a lot of cyberattacks.

In addition to the standard Ivacy client available for users outside of China, Ivacy also provides a dedicated app called IvacyPrime that can be downloaded directly from their amazon cloud space.

Ivacy Prime Windows Client

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