COVID-19 pandemic – Stay Secure & Anonymous with Ivacy VPN Service

Ivacy vpn sticky password
Ivacy VPN Sticky Password

Data encryption with Sticker Password during the COVID-19 pandemic

With the recent coronavirus pandemic, The importance of cybersecurity increases exponentially as more people forced to work online from their homes. Studies say that there is a 26% rise in the ransomware, 88% of companies saw email-based spoofing, and 67% of the organizations have reported that there is an increase in impersonation fraud.

Making use of unsecured local networks at home or office, including public Wi-Fi, expose your device or data more vulnerable to the attacks. There are many solutions on the market, but Ivacy VPN offers one crucial all in one tool in their package, at no extra cost.

Is my Browser data encrypted?

The answer is yes and no. Chrome browser does encrypt your private information including passwords with advanced encryption standard (AES-256), but it doesn’t mean that your data is secure and will not remain exposed to hacker attacks. With Sticky Password manager, all of your private information is password protect, so even if the password file copied in a ransomware attack, which is very common these days it would be challenging to break encryption.

Sticky Password Premium

To ensure impenetrable security and anonymity online, Sticky Password has partnered with Ivacy VPN for an outstanding online experience. How this works is if you want to bolster your security online, and access an unrestricted internet, all the while keeping your passwords safe in one place, you need to use a VPN service like Ivacy’s VPN subscription.

Regardless of what Ivacy VPN plan you opt for, you will get a Sticky Password premium account for 1 year, completely free of cost!

Sticky Password is a highly advanced password manager. It handles oddball logins better than most competitors, offers multiple syncing options, and even manages passwords for applications.

Sticky password premium
Sticky Password Premium

Sticky Password Premium Highlights

1 Cloud sync & backup across devices – your data will be synced across your devices and backed up automatically in case your device gets lost, stolen or broken.
2Local Wi-Fi sync – optionally synchronize over your local Wi-Fi so that your encrypted data never leaves your devices.
3Secure password sharing – a convenient and safe way to share logins and passwords.
4Premium customer support – Sticky Password Premium customers have priority access to the support team for all their questions.
5Keeps your credit cards safe and ready for checkout.
Encrypted vault for your credit card numbers, synced to all your devices, for easy one‑click payment.
6Works on all your devices and supports 16 browsers.
Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone / iPad. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and 13 more browsers.
7Secures your data just like the military.
2‑step verification, military‑grade AES‑256 encryption, and biometric authentication.
8Generates superstrong passwords anytime you need.
The strong password generator creates and stores passwords, dashboard reports strength and reuse.
9Automatically fills out forms and logs you in.
Remembers data as you fill out forms and stores it for form filling and automatic logins.
10Works even on USB and memory cards.
A portable password manager lets you access your encrypted data even on computers that are not yours.
11Automatically fills out forms and logs you in.
Remembers data as you fill out forms and stores it for form filling and automatic logins.
Ivacy vpn service
COVID-19 pandemic - Stay Secure & Anonymous with Ivacy VPN Service 1
Vyprvpn vpn
Ivacy vpn banner

Jurisdiction : USA
Locations : 70+
Simultaneous Connections: 30
300,000+ Fully-Owned IP Addresses
Apps : Win, Mac, Android & iOS
Protocols : OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec ,PPTP, Chameleon, WireGuard, IKEv2.
Guarantee : 30 Days

Monthly Price :

1-Month $12.95
1-Year $3.75
2-Year $2.50

Jurisdiction : Singapore
Locations :  100+
Simultaneous Connections: 10
Apps : Win, Mac, Android & iOS
Protocols : OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP,PPTP, IKEv2. 
Guarantee : 30 Days

Monthly Price :

7- Days Trail $0.99
1-Month $9.95 
2-Year $2.40

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