DUKA Electronic Digital Meter: The Ultimate Measuring Tape Tool

Duka electronic digital meter ruler

Check DUKA Electronic Digital Meter, The Ultimate Measuring Tool for $15

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DUKA Electronic Digital Meter

The Xiaomi’s Duka Electronic Ruler is capable of measuring distances on straight and curved surfaces. This electronic ruler has 10 types of functions, such as straight line, curve, irregular curve, irregular surface, diameter, etc. It has 10 types of functions, such as straight line, curve, irregular curve, irregular surface, diameter, etc.

Duka electronic digital meter measurement

DUKA Electronic Digital Meter

Duka electronic digital meter 1Duka electronic digital meter 2Duka electronic digital meter 3

Made for Designers

This measuring tool is an ideal tool for designers such as internal designers, fashion designers, carpentry and other professionals that normally measure products with none straight curved products.

Duka electronic digital ruler
DUKA Electronic Digital Meter: The Ultimate Measuring Tape Tool 1


The DUKA electronic ruler is powered by a 32-bit low-power STM32 microcontroller chip based on the Arm architecture. It comes with an internal 200mAh lithium battery. Along with a 1.8″ LCD, weighing just 35 grams!. It’s portable, and can be charged through a USB Type-C cable connected to almost and device with standard USB 5V Host.

Product Highlights

  • Mini size, convenient and practical.
  • Lightweight to 35g, compact and portable.
  • 8 functions, simple operation with three keys.
  • 99 meters long distance measurement.
  • Lithium battery direct charge, 200 days long standby.

DUKA Electroic Digital Meter Specs

Shell material Aluminum alloy + silicone
Screen2200mAh 0.74w
h00mAh 0.74wh
Shell processFine polishing + matte blasting
Net weight35g
Size53 * 15MM (diameter * thickness)
Screen cover4H super hard plexiglass
Single measurement distanceUp to 9.99 meters
Accumulated rangingUp to 99.99 meters
Accuracy± 0.5%, support stepless adjustment
Backlight time30-180 seconds
Battery2200mAh 0.74wh00mAh 0.74wh
Charging interfaceType-C



Package Content

  • x1 USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • x1 DUKA Measuring Tape Tool
  • x1 Inspection Certificate
  • x1 User Guide (Note: Chinese or English for global edition).
Duka electronic measuring tape tool

Build Quality

Impressive. The device shell is composed of a metal made ring / sleeve and a rear plastic enclosure that provides excellent build quality and durability so the unit can’t be bent or broken easily. On the front face, you have a pretty large display panel with three control buttons.


In comparison to a standard traditional measuring tape, this product does not have any metal strip, but a built-in rolling element wheel you place on a surface. To measure a simple, straight, none curved distance between two points you need to power the unit via the middle power button and use the LED light marker to set it on the start point and just roll it between the two points until a measurement is displayed.

Duka little q electronic ruler tape

Operation buttons

The main button located in the middle of the device is used to power the unit and also reset existing readings. The history of previous readings is also saved in the device memory and can be accessed by browsing with the right/left arrow navigation buttons, that are also used to switch between 4 types of measurement modes / popular scenarios.

4 types of measuring Modes:

  1. Straight line (Distance between two points on a straight line).
  2. Two corners (Distance between two corners).
  3. Right corner– straight line.
  4. Left corner– straight line.
  5. Diameter Measurement (for Cylindrical Objects).

Messuring distance between Corners:

To measure distance between two corners, for example a window you simply press simultaneously press both navigation arrows and the unit enters the “corner measuring mode” and automatically subtract the radius of the device during the measurement process.

DUKA Electronic Measuring Tape | Modes

  • Duka measuring tape modes 1
    Duka Electronic Tape | Two Corners Mode

Final Vedict

The DUKA Electronic Measuring Tape is an excellent worth buying product we enjoyed playing with. Its cheap with great construction quality, so we certainly recommend buying it!

Where to Buy

The global edition (English) of the DUKA Electronic Measuring Tape can be found in a Gearbest official shop (link displayed below).

Duka electronic digital meter 1
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