How to fix poor GPS Reception on Mediatek Phones

Gps fix mtk reception
GPS Fix MTK Reception


This Tutorial explains how to fix GPS signal problems with Mobileuncle Tools App. Basically, it’s a very handy app for diagnosing, tweaking GPS performance in mobile devices based on MediaTek (MTK) chipsets running in tablet PCs, Android Smartphones etc.


Mobileuncle MTK Tools Features List  :

  1. Display device info
  2. Information about device and running status
  3. Easy open engineer mode and MTK engineer mode
  4. Backup IMEI for MTK mobile
  5. Recovery online update
  6. Easy update tool via sd card
  7. Enable USB Mass Storage Device, connect cable first
  8. Crack operator GPRS lock for MTK
  9. Free the network access limited via GPRS
  10.   Power GPS search
  11.   Power the GPS search satellite ability
  12.   Enable AP
  13.   Easy reboot to recovery 

Fixing Poor GPS Reception / Performance on Mediatek Smart Phones

(Note: Please Make sure Wi-Fi Connection is Turned  On)

Open the app and press “Engineer Mode”


After that press “Engineer Mode (MTK)”

Tweak_android_smartphones_gps_with_mobileuncle_mtk_tools-step2_thumb. Png

GO TO “Location Based Services”

Tweak_android_smartphones_gps_with_mobileuncle_mtk_toolsstep3_thumb. Png


Select “EPO” and check that “Enable EPO” is enabled

Tweak_android_smartphones_gps_with_mobileuncle_mtk_tools-step4_thumb. Png


EPO IDLE” will change to “EPO DOWNLOADING”, so you will need to wait few minutes to download a file.

Tweak_android_smartphones_gps_with_mobileuncle_mtk_tools-step5_thumb. Png


After EPO DOWNLOADING finished downloading it will back again to “EPO IDLE” status.

Tweak_android_smartphones_gps_with_mobileuncle_mtk_tools-step6_thumb. Png


Now go back and enter into “YGPS”Tweak_android_smartphones_gps_with_mobileuncle_mtk_tools-step7_thumb. Png

In the “YGPS” you will need to press on “Hot”, “Full” and “AGPS Restart”.

Tweak_android_smartphones_gps_with_mobileuncle_mtk_tools-step8_thumb. Png


Final Notes :

  • Now that you are done, test your GPS and you should find that it performs faster.
  • Recommended App for testing GPS Performance: GPS Test.


Special Credits to  (Note: Following Tutorial Based on original Article Here)

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