Ugoos AM6 Review – Powerful And Fast Android 9.0 TV Box

Ugoos AM6 Android TV Box Review | The AM6 Android TV box is a compact and portable unit which can be positioned next to your TV set.
Ugoos am6 box
Ugoos am6 box

Ugoos AM6 Android TV Box Review

The AM6 Android TV box is a compact and portable unit which can be positioned next to your TV set. It includes a power adapter, an HDMI cable, a USB cable, and a USB adapter. It functions as a service for your internet and television needs, allowing you to enjoy online activities and TV-viewing by means of a single gadget.

There’s a lot of choices when it comes to Android TV boxes, Ugoos Industrial  Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of Android HD Media Players with a self-owned factory located in Shenzhen China. The company is mainly focused on RockChip and Amlogic SoC solutions and were the first company on the market created a Dual-core and Quad-core TV dongles.

Jumping to their newest AM6 model, based on Amlogic S922X you will find major hardware improvements such a powerful Hexa Core (6) CPU along with a six cores Mali G52 GPU you will significantly boost your streaming and gaming experience.

Few other new hardware enhancements worth mentioning, are fast the Gigabit Ethernet Port, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity support and the dual WiFi connectivity that comes with a pair of external antennas, with them you can theoretically reach to transfer speeds up to 867Mbps. Having said that, you are welcome to check more info, including the price in the links posted below.

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Ugoos AM6 Android TV Box 

Ugoos am6 tv


Ugoos AM6 Android TV Box | Case Colors

Ugoos am6 android tv box colors

Ugoos AM6 Android TV Box | Full view

The review will be focusing on the followings:

  • Products Introduction.
  • Specifications
  • Package
  • Unboxing
  • Package Contents
  • Design and Workmanship
  • First-time Operation
  • Hardware
  • System
  • Connection options
  • Video playback and streaming
  • Ugoos AM6 vs. Xiaomi Mi Box S
  • Verdict



  1. Android 9.0 operation system
  2. Color: Black, Blue (Other colors are optional).
  3. CPU – Amlogic S922X, Quad core, ARM Cortex-A73, 1.8GHz + Dual-core ARM Cortex A53 1.7GHz.
  4. GPU – ARM Mali-G52 MP6 ( 6ppc )
  5. RAM – 2GB LPDDR4 RAM (4Gb optional for OEM orders)
  6. 16GB EMMC ROM (8GB/32Gb/64Gb optional for OEM orders)
  7. Support H.265 decoding
  8. Support 4K ultra-high definition
  9. Power Supply – 12V/2A via DC power barrel jack
  10. External storage – 1x USB 3.0 OTG/Host port, 3x USB 2.0 ports , TF Card x1
  11. Internal Storage: 16GB eMMC (8GB/32Gb/64Gb optional for OEM orders).
  12. HDMI – HDMI 2.1 Type-A [email protected] max resolution
  13. Video Output:  Built-in HDMI 2.1 transmitter including both controller and PHY with CEC, Dynamic HDR and HDCP 2.2, [email protected] max resolution.
  14. AV output – AUX+CVBS 480i/576i
  15. IR receiver Included – Yes
  16. SPDIF Support – Yes



  • Support Bluetooth 5.0
  • 2.4GHz + 5GHz dual-band WiFi, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and 2×2 MIMO
  • 1000M Ethernet Integrated IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000M Ethernet MAC with
  • Dual-band WiFi: 2.4G+5G the wireless module complies with IEEE 802.11, can achieve up to a speed of 867Mbps.
  • External Antennas – x2 WiFi Antennas



Ugoos m6 pkg

Package Contents

Items inside the package

  • 1x Ugoos AM6 Box
  • 2x External Wifi Antennas
  • 1x HDMI Cable
  • 1x IR Remote Control
  • 1x DC 12V/2A Power Adapter
  • 1x User Guide

Ugoos am6 items

Design and Workmanship

With a size of just of (L x W x H): 11.5 x 11.5 x 2.3 cm with an aluminum material made case and a weight of ~298gr the Ugoos AM6 case delivers top-notch build quality. On the upper cover of the case, you can find the Ugoos brand name print. With the LED operation indicator light located inside one of the brand “O”  letters that give it a nice design touch and change colors according to different operating modes. For example, the blue color switches on sleep power-saving mode, the rose/pink for normal operation mode and purple color indicates the device is under a booting process.

As for cooling. The case shell, excluding the on/off button that is made from plastic, is all completely made from aluminum alloy material, most likely manufactured in the CNC machining process. Venting/cooling slots were also added at the bottom and the left side of the case. Overall, my personal impression of building quality was great.

Ugoos AM6 Weighting (Excluding External Antennas)

Ugoos am6 checking weight

Ugoos AM6 TV Box | Full view


First-time Operation

The operation of the Ugoos AM6 was easy and straightforward. To turn the unit on you will need to use the simple IR Remote control provided with the package or use the power button located next to the external WiFi antennas. The remote control design was good and very young in terms of color usage and button layout design.

As with most TV boxes, the default provided remote is very basic and offers very limited functionality, especially limited in cursor navigation mode where its very slow and not very responsive. To use and operate this product effectively, you will need to buy a wireless keyboard, preferably with a Touchpad. You can check the excellent Rii i4 mini wireless keyboard that features a good responsive small size Touchpad that will not burn a hole in your pocket.



The Ugoos AM6 comes in two main variations (editions). The basic standard edition, equipped with 2GB RAM that is mostly designed for the end-user consumer, and a more high-level model with 4GB RAM (64-bit) for special OEM orders. Both editions are powered with the same snappy Amlogic S922X processor with a total of 6 cores (Hexa).  The processor incorporates two CPU clusters.

The first cluster the incorporates a quad-core (4) ARM Cortex-A73 cores, capable of reaching frequencies up to 1.7 GHz operating along with a secondary dual-core ARM Cortex-A53 cluster that can operate at clock speeds up to 1.8GHz. According to ADIA64 Hardware information, the quad-core cluster is overlooked to a higher frequency (2.2GHz) and the secondary to 1.8GHz. Those settings were probably adjusted to “squeeze” some extra performance.

AIDA64 Hardware Information

Ugoos AM6 PCB

Ugoos am6 pcb

System (Software)

Running under the latest Android 9.0 Operating system, the Ugoos AM6 comes with a clean app free ROM with the default Android UI, except a few standard pre-installed apps including google play store service.

If you are a type of user that seeking a more attractive interface with better user experience, you can try an unofficial customized ROM based on Android 9.0 OS, developed by a software guy aka nickname sasvlad which offers Android TV interface that can be downloaded trough on forum branch Here.

According to Ugoos, there is also a team of independent software developers currently working on making new OS images for Armbain, LibreElec, CoreElec, and perhaps more.


Unique Features List:

Additional unique features integrated inside the Ugoos AM6 firmware that can be found under ‘Ugoos settings’ option:

  1. ROOT – One-Click Installation for gaining instant root access.
  2. Automatic/manual frame rate adjustment.
  3. Device keys Remapping – Lets you map and set up keys functionality for different controls (vendors / manufacturers).
  4. File Server/client functionality.


Remote Control

As mentioned previously, the Ugoos M6 comes with a pretty generic remote control unit that is suitable for basic operations such as navigating and powering or turning off the unit.

Ugoos AM6 IR Remote Control

AM6 Box + Remote Control:


In the video streaming arena, you are pretty much covered. The Ugoos AM6 package includes a pair of external WiFi antennas. Capable of connecting to dual-band broadband routers that support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels. In my test, placing my Huawei P20 handset close to the box and testing connection speed I received very similar transfer speeds of ~70 Mbps, indicating everything is working properly.

Ethernet (LAN) connectivity was also performed with zero problems. With a standard 200Mbps connection I was able to reach up to speeds of 130-150Mbps.

Huawei P20 Next to The Ugoos AM6

Ugoos am6 wifi test

Connection Information

Ugoos am6 wifi signal

Connection Information:

  • SSD: OpwnWrt
  • Encryption: WPA/WPA2
  • Frequncy: 5180 (5210) MHz
  • WiFi strength: -59 dBm
  • Distance: ~5 meter
  • WiFi Speed: 292 Mbps
  • Channel 36 (42)


 Ugoos AM6 + WiFi Antennas


Based on the AnTuTu Benchmark test result, the Ugoos AM6 hardware performance compared to Xiaomi’s Mi S Box is approximately %25 faster with an AnTuTu score of 130236 compared to Xiaomi Mi Box that rank 31669.


AnTuTu Benchmark 7.3.1 Results

CPDT Benchmark Testing

Tested Storage Media:

  1. Kingsoft DT50 32GB.
  2. 16GB eMMC (Internal Storage).
  3. SanDisk Ultra 16GB (Class 10).
  • Test Software: CPDT (Cross Platform Disk Test).
  • Tested File Size: 1GB.

Cpdt bench ugoos m6

Test Results

Interface Name Interface Storage Media   Sequential Read (MB/s) Random write (Kb/s) Random Read (MB/s)
USB.2 #4 Kingsoft DT50 32GB 19.08 19.08
TF Card Slot #3 SanDisk Ultra 16GB 19.38 750.58 5.06
Internal Storage #2 16GB eMMC 114.62 2.89 14.72
USB.3 #1 Kingsoft DT50 32GB 48.72 4.24  2.88


Video playback and streaming

General experience playing UHD videos with Kodi “Leia” 18.3 (32-bit) was excellent. Kodi utilized about 50-52% of a total of 2GB of RAM.

Kodi “Leia” 18.3

Video Playback Performance Testing (Kodi)

Sample Name

 Video Codec





    File size




128 kbps, 48kHz, 2 Channels, AAC LC




458 MB




126 kbps, 44.1kHz, 2 Channels, AAC LC




533 MB




126 kbps, 44.1kHz, 2 Channels, AAC LC






The Curvature, Earth from Space in 4k


192 kbps, 44.1kHz, 2 Channels, AAC LC




568 MB


LaLaLand cafe


3 399 kb/s, 48kHz, 8 Channels (Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos)




425 MB




125 kbps, 44.1kHz, 2 Channels, AAC LC




578 MB




126 kbps, 48kHz, 2 Channels, AAC LC




785 MB


Panasonic LUMIX GH4 'Light of the Yucatan' in 4K by Bryan Harvey


125 kbps, 44kHz, 2 Channels, AAC LC




417 MB


Honey Bees


191 kbps, 44.1kHz, 2 Channels, AAC LC




417 MB




192 kbps, 48kHz, 2 Channels, AAC LC




417 MB


Test Conditions:

  • Storage: Kingston 32GB DT50 (System: NTFS)
  • Interface: SATA 3.0
  • Software: Kodi “Leia” 18.3


Netflix Support

Netflix compatibility is a subject rarely discussed in tv box reviews. You will be able to install and use Netflix without issues. Because this product is not officially listed as a certified Netflix device, it will most likely not play in UHD resolution if you are a Netflix premium plan subscriber. Having said that, most of the content on Netflix platform is not UHD, therefore it’s not a big issue but still important mentioning.

Netflix running on the Ugoos AM6

Ugoos am6

                                                            Ugoos AM6 vs. Xiaomi Mi Box S | Comparison 

Brand Ugoos AM6

(Basic Model)

Xiaomi Mi Box S
OS Android 9.0 Android 8.1
CPU Amlogic S922X Amlogic S905X
GPU ARM MaliTM-G52 MP6 Mali-450
Memory 2GB DDR4 2GB DDR3
Case Material All Metal Plastic
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet None
External Antennas Yes No
Storage: 16GB eMMC  8GB eMMC
video resolution maximum 4K with 60 FPS maximum 4K with 60 FPS
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 4.2
802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz Yes Yes
External USB Storage x1 USB HOST 3.0
x3 USB HOST 2.0
x1 USB HOST 2.0



Ugoos AM6 is a great Set-Top Box with excellent design and above-average software support. The small important features, such as the one-click root function and Linux images distinguish it from other tv box brands. Bottom line, its a definitely worth buying product for home media entertainment applications.


Ugoos contact

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