BW-BR6 Best Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Car/Home Stereo

Bw br6 bluetooth audio adapter
BW BR6 Bluetooth audio adapter

BlitzWolf BW-BR6 Top Best Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Car/Home Stereo systems.

BlitzWolf BW-BR6

We previously covered the Blitzwolf BW-BR4 in one device that can function as a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter. The newest Blitzwolf BW-BR6 model offers similar functions, but it comes with few major improvements, such as a built-in OLED display that shows the pairing status in a user-friendly way.

Changes from the previous model are not very big. The SPDIF optical and RCA ports were removed in favor of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which also functions as an input and output interface in receiver/transmitter modes. Besides, accessible control buttons were added too. The internal battery capacity remained the same with a capacity between 500-600 mAh. Overall, based on experience, it’s a nice device with good quality worth considering (Links posted at the end of the article).

What Can You do With a Bluetooth Audio Adapter?

There are few useful applications for the BW-BR6. You can use it with media centers / Xbox devices to stream sound directly to your wireless headphones. If you have a pair of old used stereo speakers, you can use your mobile device to transmit sound wirelessly to your wired speakers and basically use them as a mini multimedia system to listen to radio/ music.

2 in 1 Product (Transmitter & Receiver)

Car / Home cinema Sound System

Another option is placing the BW-BR6 unit inside a car along with a few small size speakers. Because the unit is also rechargeable, it can be recharged through the car power socket or USB port if it exists. This ideal type of arrangement connecting the BWBR6 to your car multimedia system will save you time using additional unnecessary audio cables.

RX (Receiver Mode)

Blitzwolf bw-br6 bluetooth audio adapter
BlitzWolf BW-BR6 Bluetooth Audio Adapter – RX Mode

TX (Transmitter Mode)

Blitzwolf bw-br6 bluetooth audio adapter
BlitzWolf BW-BR6 Bluetooth Audio Adapter – Transmitter Mode

BlitzWolf BW-BR6 Specification

  • Model:BW-BR6
  • bluetooth Version:bluetooth V5.0
  • Supporting Protocols:A2DP , AVRCP
  • Power input port:Micro USB DC 5V
  • Transmission distance:10m
  • Built-in battery : 500mAh
  • Charging time : 3h
  • Working hours :10h
  • Audio CODEC:SBC, AAC(RX)
  • Input / output connection mode:3.5MM audio port

Package Includes:

  • 1 * BW-BR6 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver
  • 1 * 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • 1 * Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 * 3.5mm to 2RCA Cable

BlitzWolf BW-BR6 Features

  • Visual OLED Display: The Bluetooth portable transmitter has a unique visual screen, which is more intuitive and convenient to connect devices. You can view a lot of information on the screen such as usage mode, remaining power, and Bluetooth environment.
  • Transmitter: As the transmitter, the TV/PC and other home audio source devices can stream the music to Bluetooth headphones or speakers.
  • Receiver: As the receiver, non-Bluetooth devices such as stereo systems or AV receivers can stream the music wirelessly from your mobile phone/PC using a 3.5mm AUX cable.
  • One-to-Two Pairing: Support connecting dual Bluetooth devices simultaneously in TX/RX mode.
  • Upgraded Bluetooth V5.0: Top-end chip ensures stable performance and low consumption.

BlitzWolf BW-BR6 Package

BlitzWolf BW-BR6 Unboxing

Package Contents:

  • 1x BW-BR6 Streaming Device
  • 1x Customer Service support pamphlet.
  • 1x User Manual.
  • 1x Stereo Cable (Male-Male)
  • 1x RCA to Stereo Cable
Bw br6 unboxing
BW BR6 Unboxing

BlitzWolf BW-BR6 | All Items

BlitzWolf BW-BR6 Audio Adapter

Very compact and small size measuring only 74.5mm x 57mm with a nice OLED type display. You can place the BW-BR6 Bluetooth adapter unit almost everywhere without worrying it will occupy extra space. The display is definitely a good idea. It doesn’t only show you the status of the device, but also display the battery power usage status, so you have visual indication of the battery’s state of charge if it needs additional charging.


The Blitz Wolf BW-BR6 comes with a power on/off switch located on the back of the unit. Additionally, you also have five operation buttons responsible for all device operations.

  1. Power switch
  2. Mode Switch key (RX/TX)
  3. Volume
  4. OK button
  5. Volume + /next song /Move down
  6. Search for paring key
Bw br6 best bluetooth audio adapter
BW BR6 Best Bluetooth Audio Adapter

When the device is set to RX Mode (Receiver) the paired device name is automatically shown on the OLED display along with the power indicator. If you switch to TX (transmitter) you will have to press to press button No. 6 (Search for pairing) until it displays the discovered device name and finally press button No. 4 (OK).

BlitzWolf BW-BR6 | Display

Br6 audio adapter display
BR6 Audio Adapter Display

Connecting to a Home Stereo System

If you have a home HiFi stereo system with an amplifier and want to stream music from your phone directly to your speakers, the BW-BR6 does it well in RX mode. With a press of a button using the same exact configuration you can also switch to TX mode and pair your Bluetooth headphones/speaker to listen to your favorite music.

Sound Quality

Our tests show that the sound quality of the BlitzWolf BW-BR6 was not a disappointment. The sound produced by the device was excellent and very clear. We also definitely recommend using a good amplifier to boost the sound level up. In our test we tested streaming range with a POCO X3 phone. During streaming we didn’t notice any tech problems nor “hiccups” from a distance between 6-10 meters.

BlitzWolf BW-BR6 vs BW-BR4




Chipset Solution:
CSR BC8675

Check mark icon
Check mark icon

Bluetooth Version V5.0

Check mark icon
Check mark icon




Audio Codec

aptX Low Latency


A2DP, AVRCP Profiles

Check mark icon
Check mark icon

Transmission distance of 10m

Check mark icon
Check mark icon

Micro USB DC 5V

Check mark icon
Check mark icon


Check mark icon
Cross mark icon

RCA (Input/Output)

Check mark icon
Cross mark icon

3.5MM audio port

Check mark icon
Check mark icon

Charging Time

About ~2.5 hours

About ~3 hours

Working Time of 10hr 

Check mark icon
Check mark icon

Built-in Display

Cross mark icon
Check mark icon


85.2 x 80.8 x 23.1mm

74.5 x 57 x 16mm


Built-in battery: 600mAh

Built-in battery: 500mAh

Final Verdict

We have no complaints concerning this product. This is a great 2 in one audio adapter with a good solid design that can be used as a receiver and transmitter.

Free Discount Coupon

Coupon Code: BG12BWBR6CN (To apply during checkout).
Price after discount: $20.99
Expiration date: 1.05

Where Can you Get It!

If you liked the product, you can find it in Banggood official online store (the link is posted below).

StoreProduct Link

BlitzWolf BW-BR6

Build Quality
Sound Quality


An excellent Bluetooth Audio adapter.

– Small in size.
– Built-in OLED display.
– Great sound Quality.

– No SPDIF Port.

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