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Aweies 70ty earphone
AWEIES 70TY Earphone

AWEI ES-70TY In-Ear Earphone

The AWEI ES-70TY earphone is small to put into any pocket and carry it to anywhere. The well-designed earbuds which can let you immerse yourself in stereo music for a long time. Equipped with a moving coil unit, produce a more melodious sound effect, put you into the music world.

Made from pure copper material, with a metal shell with excellent workmanship, Ergonomic design, soft earmuffs it offers more compatibility for a long time wearing, suitable for sports activities. The AWEI ES-70TY earphone comes with a standard 3.5 mm jack with a built-in high-quality microphone, and a wired controller that lets you answer, reject or hang up the call easily, compatible with it all known brands, such as Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, etc. for more information you are welcome to visit Awei official Aliexpress store (Link posted below):

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AWEI ES-70TY | Package view

Awei es 70ty earphoneMain Features:

  1. Vibrate sounds and deep bass
  2. Stainless steel sound tunnel with integrated mic
  3. Ergonomic in-ear design, the buds suit for ears perfectly
  4. Metal shell, concise appearance, and excellent workmanship
  5. Built-in microphone with wired control to answer, reject or hang up calls easily.


Technical Details:

  • Brand: Awei
  • Model: ES-70TY
  • Color: Black, Gold, Pink
  • Driver Unit: 10mm
  • Sensitivity 90dB ± 3dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohm ± 15%
  • Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Mic: Yes


Package Content:

  • 1x Awei ES-70TY Earphone
  • 2 pairs of ear muffs
  • 1x Cable Clip
  • 1x After sale service contact guide


Review – TOC

  • Product introduction.
  • Price when reviewed: $7USD
  • Specs & Product Key Features
  1. Package
  2. Unboxing
  3. Build Quality
  4. Appearance
  5. Operation
  6. Sound Quality
  7. Pros & Cons
  8. Final Verdict

Awei ES-70TY In-Ear Headphone | Package

Awei ES-70TY In-Ear Headphone | Unboxing

What’s Inside the Package

In addition to a pair already included with the earphone, the company included an additional two pairs of Silicone ear muffs, that come in different sizes. small, medium, and a larger one. Also, a cable clip is included to connect the cable to a shirt so it will not interfere.

Additional Items

Build Quality

The ES-70TY in-ear earphone is made of metal material, according to the company its made of copper alloy, but it’s most likely from aluminum alloy or stainless steel. from first look build quality was excellent. No complaints here.



The ES-70TY in-ear earphone comes in three colors. pink, gold, and black. It has a standard cylindrical shape design, connected to a 1.2 m flat type stereo cable with an elbow-shaped plug. if you hook it to a 3.5 mm aux port it does stick too much from the handset, nor interfere when inserted into a small pocket. 

Awei ES-70TY in-ear earphone | full view


There is not much to explain about an earphone product as it’s not a complex product. The Awei-ES70TY comes with a mini controller with an integrated built-in microphone.  with the + AND – buttons you can forward or downward content such as when playing music tracks and movies. the same buttons also used for adjusting the volume levels (up /and down ).

Awei ES70TY Controler

Awei es70ty controler

Sound Quality

According to the specification of the product, the earphone supports frequency respond between 20-20,000Hz, covering maximum hearing sound range. Because sound quality a somewhere a subjective thing for each person and technically I can’t show sound coming out of the earphones, based on my personal experience sound was clear and generally very good, above average quality. Bass effect was reasonable but could have been better.


Final Verdict

Highly recommended, and an excellent worth buying a product with only pros then cons. having said that, for more information welcome to check Awei official store HERE.

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