LattePanda Aluminum Alloy Case with Passive Cooling Fan

Lattepanda aluminum alloy enclosure
Lattepanda Aluminum Alloy Enclosure

LattePanda Aluminum Alloy Case

LattePanda SBC case is made of high-quality anodized aluminum. In addition to excellent protective functions, this case is equipped with a cooler for cooling the LattePanda. The cooler kit is consists of a low-noise fan and a metal radiator, attached to the passive cooling unit via thermal sticker, providing good airflow, and as a result – excellent cooling. Due to the anodized aluminum, from which the body is made, there are no corrosion and detachment of the coating. The case is very durable and solid, with all the interfaces and connectors remaining accessible to the user. For more information about the product you are welcome to check DFRobot website (Link posted below):

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LattePanda Aluminum Alloy Case view

Lattepanda aluminum alloy enclosure cooling fan 4 p1

LattePanda Case | Package Items

Lattepanda aluminum alloy enclosure cooling fan 4 p2

Package Content:

  • 1x LattePanda Metal case
  • 1x Metal cooler with fan
  • 1x nut-bolt PCB screws (Assembled inside the Case)
  • 4x Hexagonal Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 4x Silicone feet
  • 1x Allen wrench


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  5. Temperature 
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LattePanda Case | Package

  • Lattepanda package 1
    LattePanda Package 1


LattePanda Case | Unboxing

  • Lattepanda case unbox 1
    LattePanda Case unbox 1

Unboxing & Overview | Introduction Video

Design & Build Quality

The LattePanda board Enclosure is completely made from aluminum CNC material, and not from sheet metal, what you normally find with most low-cost enclosure sold on the market. That means that the body is made of a raw material, making it super strong and very durable. its composed of two separate parts, the base which is the lower part where the board is mounted and straighten against four PCB nuts assembled inside the upper cover, and connected with four hexagonal socket head cap screws. For the power and reset buttons company included a pair of a metal-made bushing, that is also CNC manufactured. Having said that, both design and quality were impressive and superb on all levels.

LattePanda Case | Full View

  • Lattepanda case 1
    LattePanda Case 1

Checking Temperature 

Intel CPUs do not know as very power efficient. The LattePanda board is powered by an Intel’s Atom x5-Z8300 a quad-core processor, which operates in CPU temperatures between 63 – 75C. Tested in an Idle mode with ‘Open Hardware Monitor’ software, and without overloading system resources.

Lattepanda case temp

Assembling the LattePanda inside the Case

The process of assembly is very straightforward. First, you will need to mount the heatsink fan in the back if the board passive cooler, where the CPU is located using the 3M thermal pad sticker.

Second step. connect the external WiFi antenna wire to the socket on the board. Insert the two bushings for the power and reset buttons. Place the LattePanda board inside the lower part of the case and close it against the upper part, and finally, connect both parts of the case with the provided Allen wrench and four hexagonal socket head cap type screws.

LattePanda Board with All Case Items

Lattepanda packageAssembling the LattePanda Board

  • Lattepanda case assemble 1
    LattePanda Case Assemble 1

Final Words

An excellent kit for cooling the LattePanda board. The fan performed wall with a very quiet operation. What I was missing as a user, was a hole for adding a flexible external RPSMA WiFi Antenna, but overall the product is of high quality and worth the money. Having said that, for a full review of the LattePanda you are welcome to check it Here.

Excellent Case

LattePanda Metal Case Review Summary

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