Apple AirPods Alternative Review – Q32 TWS Wireless Earbuds Review

Tws mini wireless bluetooth earphones
tws mini wireless bluetooth earphones

Wireless Earbuds HBQ Q32 TWS

Finding a cheaper apple Airpods alternative can become a very complex task with a wide selection of earphone designs that can be purchased from China at different price tags. The HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless Earphones is a nice product a came across in Aliexpress Intelligent Store.

I decided to give this product a try and write a full independent review. So what’s special about this product you ask?. First, one of the considerations when buying it was because this product offers all in one product, which includes a power bank functionality with an internal 1500mAh battery capable of charging a mobile phone. Other features include Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, voice prompt support, automatic pairing, and the ability to work with just one earbud and the charging case with partial water protection (IPX5).

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HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless Earbuds

Hbq q32 wireless bluetooth earphones


  • Charging case 1500mAh can work as a power bank.
  • IPX5 life waterproof.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Auto power on/off, auto pair.
  • Both earphones can work separately.
  • Standby time: 90H


  • Charging case – Equipped with a 1500mah battery can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile phone.
  • Can automatically Pair, Power on after taking out from the charging case.
  • Wireless stereo left and right channel separation, both ear can be used separately.
  • listening to the song correct, support songs and call, remind call number, the last call back, all intelligent Chinese and English voice prompts, boot, pair, shut down the phone power will be low voice prompts.
  • Power capacity will show on your iPhone, you can see the power situation anytime, do not worry about the electricity, make your life without worry.
  • One to two connections can be connected to two mobile phones at the same time
  • Bluetooth headset connected to the phone after the shutdown, and then open the Bluetooth headset will connect back to the phone automatically, more convenient.
  • Intelligent compatibility: support all Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet, notebook, singing it, QQ music, movies, etc., universal all mobile phone headset parameters.

Review TOC:

  1. Package
  2. Unboxing
  3. Design & Quality
  4. Basic Operation
  5. Operation Time (Battery Life)
  6. Special Features
  7. Final verdict
  8. Product rating

HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless Earbuds

[ Package ]

HBQ Q32 TWS | Package Content

Hbq q32tws unboxing items

HBQ Q32 TWS | Unboxing All Items


Overall quality was good. The HBQ Q32 TWS earphones come with a plastic-made case coated with a thin rubber layer. Both earphones come with a glossy surface, and based on my personal experience if they accidentally slip and fall from your hands or ears on the floor, it doesn’t damage the earphones shell plastic surface.


Inside the package, you will find an additional two pairs of silicone earbuds in addition to the existing one already assembled on the earphones. You can also choose and try the best pair that is best comfortable with your ears shape. The weight of each earphone left and right is exactly 4gr, a total weight of 8gr to carry inside the ears. each earphone is equipped with a built-in call answering and pause button. It’s not as comfortable as a touch-type button, but it does the job well.

HBQ Q32 TWS Wireless Earbuds | Weighting

Q32tws weight

HBQ Q32 TWS | Weighting the Earphones  

HBQ Q32 TWS | Charging Case

Basic Operation

To establish a connection between a Bluetooth device such as Mini PC, tablet or mobile phone you need to first enable the Bluetooth option. To pair between earphones and targeted device you have to first place the earphones inside the charging case and just remove them. This step of the process is necessary for the pairing process. once accomplished, you will see the earphone device listed as “HBQ-Q32 TWS“. now, every time and as long as Bluetooth mode enabled the earphones will be automatically connected.

Putting the earphones back into the charging bin it will shut down them and start automatic charging. Once the earphones are inserted inside it, the light on both earphones will turn in red color, indicating they are charging until fully charged and the lights automatically turn off.

HBQ Q32 TWS | Case + Earphones

Charging & Battery Life

In the battery power arena. each of the HBQ Q32 TWS earphones is equipped with an internal 50mAh battery. The carrying case has few functions. it works as a power bank and also charges the earphones if they need extra power juice, those extending product operation time.

On the back of the case, you will find two types of interfaces. A micro-USB port for charging the internal 1500mAh battery of the case and additional USB port used for charging external mobile devices, such as a mobile phone. The cable provided in the package is USB to Micro-USB type. Keep in mind that If you are using a USB Type-C phone you will need to use a suitable cable or buy a small Micro-USB to Type-C Adapter.

Sound Quality

I was impressed with the sound quality. The sounds were clear with good dynamic range. Also, the bass effect was good and more noticeable when playing electronic /dance style music soundtracks.

Voice Prompt

The voice prompting in English is a defiantly a nice addition to this product. When the HBQ Q32 TWS earphones first Initial a wireless connection with a mobile device you will hear a voice prompt notifications when there is a disconnection problem or when left and right channels connection is established, so you can distinguish between both left and right earphones before wearing them. Also, the voice prompting also works well for me when answering incoming phone calls by reading the incoming phone number.

Operation Time (Battery Life)

The battery life with earphones type of product varies and is difficult to predict accurately. It depends on many variables. The Q32 TWS can approximately operate for about 4 hours after a single charge for the case.


Each of The Q32 TWS earphones (left & right) come with built-in press type of buttons, that allow you to pause during playback by pressing it once, or double click to switch to next track. As a user, It felt less comfortable pressing it against my ears compared to a touch type button.

Transmission Range 

As declared by manufacturer specifications sheet and also based on my personal hands-on tests, you can expect a maximum reception range of ~10m or even more, as long as you don’t have walls that can interfere with the signal reception.

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