Oukitel K8000 Review: Stellar Performance Great Battery Life!

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OUKITEL K8000 is a new mid-end smartphone equipped with a powerful 8000mAh battery. Which should be enough for five standard working days.

The K8000 comes with an aluminum alloy body and new antenna design. It supports 4G RAM and 64G ROM of storage, offering plenty of room for you to store movie, videos, music, apps and so on. As far as the camera is concerned, K8000 has a high-resolution camera which has a dual-lens 16MP+2MP rear camera and 13MP front camera with 80°wide angle.

For the K8000 OUKITEL selected a high quality 5.5 inch HD display with a 2.5D edge design Samsung AMOLED panel. This panel is self-luminous. Also more power efficient, those extending the battery work time longer. In addition, OUKITEL K8000 is powered by Android 7.0 OS with optimized power saving system. It manages power consumption rate at a most power-saving way, reducing unnecessary power loss. That said, The price has not yet been determined as well as the exact date of launch, but it will be available in black, blue and gold colors.


OUKITEL K8000    

Oukitel K8000 Review


OUKITEL K8000 Parameters:

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