Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch Review: Cheap & Only Costs $20

Gocomma mi5 smartwatch review
Mi5 Smartwatch Review

Mi5 Smartwatch Review

Gocomma Mi5 is not a typical Bluetooth wearable device you can find in the low budges segment smartwatches market. It comes in a low price tag of just $20. It has all the functions you need that also exist in the Xiaomi Mi smart band series. Xiaomi fans can enjoy this product by getting the very best mobile experience using it, along with their android and iOS smartphones.

The Mi5 smartwatch supports IP67 waterproof standard. It’s water-resistant, meaning the product can stop water from entering it to some degree, but not entirely. It’s an excellent choice for doing sports activities involving limited contact with water, but there is no guarantee protection from submersion in other liquids such as – beer, coffee, Salt Water, soda, and so forth.

Few useful features all users can benefit are the call answering option, Health monitoring functions, message notifications pushing, and also having a comfortable squared shaped display in size of 1.54 inch; displaying different tasks on the same screen is also another advantage and a good thing to have.

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Mi5 Smartwatch Colors

Mi5 Main Features

  • Call function – Music playback, frequently used contact list, voice dialing of incoming calls, call dialing, SOS call, call, incoming call answering/rejecting
  • Exercise monitoring – Pedometer, exercise time, running track, mileage, calories, exercise mode (walking, running, cycling, climbing)
  • Health monitoring – Heart rate measurement (hourly measurement), blood pressure measurement, blood oxygen measurement, sleep monitoring.
  • Smart reminder – Sedentary reminder, call reminder, information push (SMS/QQ/WeChat/Skype/Facebook/Twitter/Line/WhatsApp).
  • Wristband UI language – Chinese/English/Spain/Portugal/Russian/Thai.
  • Other functions – Long bright display, turn wrist bright screen, custom brightness, silent mode, find the bracelet, WeChat sports, shake to take pictures, music control, weather push, stopwatch, alarm clock.
  • Support Android and Apple – Ledong Wearable (iOS system download in APP Store, Android system can download and use by scanning the QR code on the manual).

Mi5 Specification

  • Model: Mi5
  • Product Size:42x37x11mm
  • Colour:Black / Silver / Pink Gold/Blue/Green
  • Bluetooth: BLE 5.0
  • Waterproof level: IP67
  • Master chip: HS6620
  • Heart rate chip: HRS3300
  • RAM:128kb,SFlASH:512kb
  • Operation method:Full touch + function button
  • Type: 1.54-inch full fit, full touch
  • Resolution: 240 * 240 pixels
  • Battery Type: Built-in pure cobalt lithium battery
  • Battery capacity: 200 mAh
  • Charging time is about 3 hours
  • Standby time: 3-15 days (Varies according to the actual operating environment and usage).
  • Texture Zinc Alloy Case + Liquid Silicone Strap

Whats inside the package (Unboxing)

  • x1 Mi5 Watch.
  • x2 straps
  • x1 User Guide.
  • x1 Charger (USB Type).

Mi5 Smartwatch | Build Quality & Design

Gocomma company team really did a great job in the quality & design departments giving the product great looks including quality as you would buy a $30-40+ product. Although the Mi5 smartwatch is composed of plastic made parts, the product didn’t feel cheap for a $20 smartwatch.

Mi5 Smartwatch | Software

The ‘Lefun Health‘ is maybe the less attractive side in this product in terms of UX design, but the app works well and provides all the necessary functions for health and sports activities any user would enjoy and happy to have.

Mi5 Smartwatch | First Setup and Operation

The provided user guide was useless because its printed in super small letters. Even a superman would have to use a magnifying glass to read the small words. Having said that, as the first step, you will need to download the ‘Lefun Health‘ mobile app available on google play store. The less simple option is scanning a QR code displayed on the Mi5 watch using a QR software installed in a smartphone and downloading android or apple mobile apps from the links according to the device OS.

The app installation was generally easy and straightforward. The only confusing step was trying to pair with the watch under android Bluetooth settings and not within the ‘Lefun Health‘ mobile app as it should. After solving this misunderstanding issue, everything worked well and the phone was successfully paired with the smartwatch.

Gocomma Mi5 | Mobile App download QR Code

Mi5 smartwatch qr
Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch Review: Cheap & Only Costs $20 1

Top Features

  1. Changeable Faces
  2. Telephone Function
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Measurement
  5. Blood pressure monitor
  6. Heart-rate monitor
  7. SOS Function
  1. Changeable Faces

The changeable faces s another nice feature that lets you change the appearance of your main Mi5 watch screen. You can pick different face styles with the ‘Lefun Health‘ mobile app and download them directly to your Mi5 smartwatch. After downloading a face you can switch between different designs by pressing a few seconds on the watch display as shown in the video below.

Mi5 smartwatch
Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch Review: Cheap & Only Costs $20 2

Wallpaper Push

Mi5 wallpaper push 1
Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch Review: Cheap & Only Costs $20 3

Syncing a selected face with the Mi5 Smartwatch

Mi5 wallpaper push 2
Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch Review: Cheap & Only Costs $20 4

2. Telephone Function

One of the highlights of the Mi5 smartwatch is the ability to call & answer phone calls remotely through the Mi5. An option that worked well without problems. The sound was not an ideal sound quality in the world for making/answering phone calls. To properly ear the caller, you would have to keep a minimum distance of about 10 cm from your ear.

Mi5 Smartwatch Dial Pad

Mi5 smartwatch phone
Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch Review: Cheap & Only Costs $20 5

An echo cancellation option would be nice to have, but again we didn’t have too high expectations from a $20 smartwatch, and it worked very reasonably. You can use the phone call function during sports activities such as running or walking while your phone is carried on your arm or inside a pocket. It’s sometimes needed in cases when you don’t want to stope your exercise during training/exercise session.

You can even also find a history list of all incoming and outcalls under the ‘records‘ screen and dial back the number if needed. You can import your smartphone contacts list and use them too.

4. Sports and Fitness

In the health and fitness arena, the Mi5 supports the most common sports activities. There are four different sport modes any user can make use in everyday daily training /sports activities.

Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch| Sports and Fitness Modes

5. Health Monitoring

  • Heart-rate – The Heart-rate monitor function worked well. As for test results, they looked close in accuracy to those of medical complaint devices such as the SANITAS wrist blood pressure monitor. Just keep in mind that the SANITAS monitor device works entirely differently and does not monitor real-time heart rate changes as the smartwatch; therefore, the pulse measurement values displayed on the watch values can dynamically change in a matter of seconds.
Mi5 smartwatch heartrate
Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch Review: Cheap & Only Costs $20 6
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation – It’s unknown how accurate this function is medically accurate, but it worked and reported blood-oxygen saturation of %95.
  • Blood pressure – At first look, our test results looked not very accurate compared to those of the SANITAS wrist blood pressure monitor.

Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch | Health Modes

6. SOS Function

A good feature, that may be useful and very practical for the elderly and all types of people with physical disabilities. Also, a great solution for any kind of emergency situation when the phone is not in reach but still in proximity of the ~5-10m range limit.

To use this option you first need to import emergency phones from your smartphone contacts list and sync (Download) them with the Mi5 smartwatch. Once this step is done you can automatically place an emergency call using your Mi5 smartwatch.

Mi5 Smartwatch | Display

The Mi5 comes with a square-shaped 1.54-inch display in resolution of 240×240 pixels. From our experience, the screen provides above decent quality as well as sharpness.

Mi5 Smartwatch | Charging & Battery Life

According to user feedback, the expected battery life of the Mi5 smartwatch is about 14 days. We will update this article once we test the watch for a more extended period of time.

Mi5 Smartwatch | Verdict

The Mi5 smartwatch is a good quality low-cost product worth buying. Especially if you are not interested in burning a hole in your pocket buying more expensive smartwatches starting at $40 price tag and above, it’s packed with useful everyday features children as well as adults would love to use, so we highly recommend it.

Where can You But It?

The Mi5 smartwatch is currently on sale in GearBest official store (link posted below) for $19.99 available in different silicon strip colors in pink, blue, black, green, and silver.

Gocomma Mi5 Smartwatch


Value for Money


Good value for money!

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