NanoPi / NEO Plus2 – Ultra Small Compact Metal Case


NanoPi & NEO Plus2 Metal Case

After the launching of the NanoPi NEO Plus2 and NanoPi board series, based on Allwinner based ARM board developed by FriendlyElec company comes a new well designedcompact case kit composed of the case itself and a few other must-have accessories such as an aluminum heatsink, Thermal pad, a pair of external WiFi antennas and their cables, all included for a price tag of $9.99.

Both boards designed to fit this case come with a very low price tag, starting from $12.99 and provide decent hardware specs for running Debian Linux in CLI (Command Line Interface) mode including GUI via Xfce Desktop environment. Having said that, the case offers a very small form factor Raspberry Pi alternative if you are looking for a very compact device with good protection from dirt and dust that can also be used in industrial environment. For more information about all items you are welcome to check the FriendlyElec Official website (Links posted below):

NanoPi NEO / Plus2 Metal Case

NanoPi NEO Plus2 Board

NanoPi NEO Board




NanoPi & NEO Plus2 | Case Kit Items

Metal Case | Full view


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