NanoPC-T3 Plus Beautiful, Sheet metal case enclosure

NanoPC-T3 Plus Metal Case

The NanoPC-T3 Plus octa-core single board computer, designed and developed by FriendlyElec. Now comes with a brand new sheet metal case at a price tag of $9.90. As a fan of metal cases and less plastic, this design offers improved cooling and heat distribution. The case kit/package includes one case composed of two separate parts that can be easily assembled via a set of 8 screws in total. It comes with one WiFi antenna, Mini RP-SMA to ipx wire, and four mounting rubber type legs. For more information about the board and the case you are welcome to check the FriendlyElec official website (Links posted below):

NanoPC-T3 Plus Board

NanoPC-T3 Plus Sheet Metal Case



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