NanoPi NEO Plus2 – A Tiny Raspberry Pi challenger


NanoPi NEO Plus

The NanoPi NEO Plus2 is another All winner based ARM board developed by FriendlyElecIt uses a 6-layers PCB layout featuring an Allwinner 64-bit quad-core A53 SoC with Hexa-core Mali 450 GPU and features 512MB – 1GB  DDR3 RAM and 8GB EMMC. With a small form factor of only 40 x 52 mm the NanoPi NEO Plus2 has rich onboard resources that include: AP6212 WiFi & Bluetooth module, Gbps Ethernet and two USB hosts.

It supports system to boot from both Micro-SD card and eMMC chip. There are few configuration possibilities for this board, you can use this board independently and assembled it in a compact semi-open Acrylic plastic case made from plastic or buy the metal type with better heat distribution. Similar to previous NanoPi NEO&NEO2 board series, based on the “older” generation 32-bit quad core processor this board can also be used with the 1-bay NAS Kit to build a low-cost home NAS (Network-attached storage) server to backup data on a 2.5 inch hard drive, Having said that, you are welcome to check more information about the product features in the following links posted below:

NanoPi NEO Plus2 Board

NanoPi NEO Plus2 Basic (Full) Kit

NanoPi NEO Plus Metal Case


NanoPi NEO Plus | Layout

NanoPi NEO Plus (With Heat-sink)

NanoPi NEO Plus2 Single board computer

Hardware Spec

  • CPU: Allwinner H5,Quad-core 64-bit high-performance Cortex A53
  • DDR3 RAM:1GB
  • Storage: 8GB eMMC
  • Network: Gbps Ethernet
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 dual mode
  • USB Host: 2 x Independent USB Host
  • Micro-SD Slot: 1 x Slot. It supports system booting or is used to hold a storage card
  • Audio Input/Output: 4-Pin, 2.54 mm pitch pin-header
  • Micro-USB power input
  • Debug Serial: 4 Pin, 2.54 mm pitch pin-header
  • GPIO1: 24Pin, 2.54 mm pitch double-row pin-header containing UART, SPI, I2C and IO
  • GPIO2: 12Pin, 2.54 mm pitch pin-header containing USB, IR receiver, I2S and IO
  • Power Supply: DC 5V/2A
  • PCB Dimension: 40 x 52 mm
  • PCB Layer: 6-Layer



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