NanoPi R2S Gets All Metal Protective Case

Nanopi r2s metal case 1
NanoPi R2S Metal Case 1

NanoPi R2S Gets All Metal Protective Case 

NanoPi R2S Metal Case

FriendlyElec company team recently launched a new case made complete from CNC machined metal parts compatible with NanoPi R2s SBC. You can find about three types of case variants available for this board: plastic made, semi-open metal case, and newest closed metal-made case design.

The difference between different designs, Especially with the semi-open case, is that in the semi-open model, all ports and interfaces exposed to the environment, and an additional small fan helps with the heat disputation.

The Metal Case price tag is $7.00 (excluding shipping). You can order it with the NanoPi R2s, and we think its an excellent worth deal if you are seeking an ideal protective metal case, especially a great fit when used in industrial environments. For more details, you are welcome to check the item in the official FriendlyElec store Here.

The NanoPi R2S | Different Case Designs

Nanopi case designs
NanoPi R2S Gets All Metal Protective Case 1

Nanopi r2s p1
NanoPi R2S P1

NanoPi R2S Specfication

  • CPU: Rockchip RK3328, Quad-core Cortex-A53
  • RAM: 512Mb/1GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage: Mini SD slot: Mini SD x 1 for external storage up to 128GB
  • Ethernet: Gbps Ethernet
  • USB 3.0×1
  • USB 2.0×1 USB: USB type A
  • Micro-USB x 1: power input (5V / 2A) and slave
  • Pin-Pin header Serial: debug port x 1: 2.54mm 3pin-header (3.3V TTL)
  • SYS (red) x 1
  • WAN LED (green) x 1
  • LAN LED (green) x 1
  • Key: User key x1
  • Operating temperature: -20-70
  • Power supply: DC 5V / 2A
  • OS/Software: U-boot,Ubuntu-Core 19.07.1(64-bit) ,OpenWrt 19.07.1 (64-bit)
  • PCB: 6 layers
  • size:60x60x29.5mm.

Throughput test results:

WAN941 Mbps941 Mbps
LAN941 Mbps941 Mbps

NanoPi R2S Metal Protective Case


  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 61x60x26mm
  • Package Content: 1 X Cooling Case for NanoPi R1S R2S

Package Content

The metal case is composed of two parts of the case along with four Philips type screws and one thermal pad. If you already own a bare board of the NanoPi R2S, you can also order the case separately for a price of $7.

Nanopi r2s metal case items

NanoPi R2S Cases – Plastic vs Metal

There are a few major differences between case designs. Depending on your specific project, you can pick from two types of cases. We personally recommend the metal type because of the high craftsmanship and all of its advantages shown in the comparison table listed below.

Case Type

Nanopi r2s compare 01
Nanopi r2s compare 02



Aluminum Alloy


60x60x 29.5mm

60x60x 26mm

PCB Mounting Method


Pressure via the lower cover

Case Parts Assembly Methode


Four Philips type screws

Requires a Heatsink

Check mark icon
Cross mark icon

Harsh environment protection

Cross mark icon
Check mark icon

High temperatures endurance

Cross mark icon
Check mark icon

Improved heat dispersion

To improve the heat transfer between the heat source (The main CPU Chip) and the outside environment, to conduct the heat more efficiently, FrienlyElec machined part the shape of the upper case with a small block of material that comes with contact with the upper part of the case and helps with the thermal dispersion through the case envelope fins.

This type of cooling approach, assures optimal cooling by letting the heat go out of the case envelope and saves the hassle of adding a Heatsink inside the case that in the most situations when assembled in a close case causes the hot air to be trapped, those heating the device very quickly, what we obviously want to avoid.

NanoPi R2S Cases

  • Nanopi r2s cases 01
    NanoPi R2S | Metal vs Plastic Case - PIC 1 of 6

NanoPi R2S Metal Case

Value for Money
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