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NanoPi M4 Gets a Highly Effective Metal Case w/Cooling Fan

NanoPi M4 Metal Case Cooling Fan
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NanoPi M4 SBC Metal Case

The NanoPi M4 is a very high-quality SBC, but with the RK3399 CPU, Heat becomes an issue with temperatures starting from 50C in idle mode and much higher in stressed operation modes. To overcome this issue, the board needs extensive cooling to reduce temperatures to operate optimally and that’s where the new Heatsink comes very handy.

In FriendlyElec’s previous Heat-sink design, the company solution was attaching the NanoPi M4 board to a massive Heatsink block made from an aluminum material produced in a CNC manufacturing process. The idea was good attaching this massive heat-sink with four screws against the CPU chip and it did produce good cooling results, but it still leaves the board help open, partially exposed to the outside environment.

The new well-crafted metal case design makes sure the board is completely mounted inside a closed case. FriendlyElec included a few extra items. A small cooling fan assembled at the bottom of the case protected by a grill, with a thermal pad for the CPU, a pair of external WiFi antennas and an NVMe SSD Adaptor board.

Industrial and Home Usage

With this new case design, you can expect improved cooling and maximum protection for the board, which makes it ideal to use it outdoors as well as indoors at home. For industrial applications, it can also be mounted in different positioned, Horizontally or vertically (As shown in slideshow photos). That said, for more detailed information you are welcome to check the FriendlyElec website (link posted below):

Buy It in FriendlyARM Official Website


NanoPi-M4/V2 Metal Case (Basic Kit)



NanoPi-M4/V2 Metal Case (Standard Kit)

(NVMe SSD Adapter Included)



NanoPi M4 Cases


NanoPi M4 Metal Case | Side views  

NanoPiM4 Metal Case views

NanoPi M4 + NVMe SSD Adaptor Board


NanoPi M4 Metal Case Kit Items

NanoPi M4 metal case kit Items:

  • 1x Metal case with top, bottom and fan pad
  • 1x Cooling fan
  • 1x NVMe SSD adapter with M3 screw
  • 2x Dual-band IPX to SMA antennas
  • 8x Philips Screw (M2.5×6 mm)
  • 4x Socket Head  Screw (M2.5×6 mm)
  • 4x M2.5×16.6+4 mm Screw Post x4
  • 4x Screw (M1.6×6 mm)
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 4x rubber pads
  • 1x thermal pad


NanoPi M4 SBC SSD Metal Case Accessories


NanoPi M4 Metal Case


Value for Money

An Excellent Cheap Cooling Solution

NanoPi M4 Gets a Highly Effective Metal Case w/Cooling Fan

Aluminium Metal Case for the NanoPi M4 single board computer is a must have accessory to make sure that the board gets maximum cooling.

Product Brand: FriendlyElec

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 28.00

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